8 Best Garage Floor Squeegee: Reviews & Recommendations

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Garage floor cleaning is a regular job to avoid spillage and falling down. MOP is not a specific tool to clean the garage floor properly, with MOP cleaning some water and debris are left on the floor.

We need a particular tool to clean and remove the water, oil, grease, and debris from the garage floor. Squeegee is the best tool to clean and remove flowing water and oil/grease from the garage floor.

Squeegee is basically a T shaped flat Rubber blade with a handle and used is for the cleaning of the garage floor. Squeegee completely removes the flowing water, oil, grease, and debris from the garage floor. It is best to push the water towards the drain and give the garage floor a shiny look.

Squeegee is available in commercial grade with different sizes and materials as per the requirement of the size and strength of the garage floor.

Squeegee is also best suited for hard and concrete floors. Most floor squeegees feature a single blade, but some have two blades. Single-blade squeegees are less likely to grow bacteria and are easier to sanitize.

Double-blade squeegees are typically more absorbent, a plus when moving large amounts of water.

Floor squeegees give the best results when a cleaning material is applied before cleaning the floor with squeegees, squeegees should be rinsed after every use.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Ettore, 36 in, Silver
Ettore, 36 in, Silver
Scraping edge for removing job site debris, sludge, ice and snow.
SaleBest Value
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Heavy-Duty Floor Dual...
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Heavy-Duty Floor Dual...
Floor squeegees that handle problems in most any work environment; Non-marking, flexible blades are ideal for uneven surfaces

8 Best Garage Floor Squeegee Recommendations

I have compiled a list of the Best Garage Floor Squeegee to help my readers;

1. FlexSweep Commercial Squeegee (Editor’s Pick)

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Salient Features
  • Unbreakable Aluminum Handle
  • Non-Abrasive scraper
  • Two grips at the end and in the mid
  • Replaceable blades
  • 24” inch heavy duty Squeegee


FlexSweep is a 24 inch heavy commercial floor squeegee; its handle is very sturdy and durable and can last for a lifetime. The handle is weather resistant and unbreakable.

Its head is also durable, yet really gentle to use. Only replace blades the squeegee blades when worn out.

Its neoprene double blade is excellent for wiping, it also works really well for the hard floors.

It’s also very easy to rinse the squeegee

What We Like!
  • Unbreakable handle
  • Weather resistant handle
  • Double replaceable blade
  • Heavy duty
  • Curved body for easy cleaning
Things to Consider!
  • Blades wear out, have to replace
  • The metal body tends to rust

2. Ettore Curved Industrial Squeegee (Best Value)

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Salient Features
  • Heavy duty steel squeegee
  • Stiff rubber material
  • Replaceable blades
  • Curved head, useful for any area
  • Weather resistant body


This squeegee is only perfect for the cleaning of industrial floors but equally useful for the home floors. Its blade is made of the toughest rubber material and can stand up to the most liquid and debris.

Its rubber blades never worn out, in case of wear and tear or damage, its blades can be replaced with the new one.

Its curved head gives leverage to clean in any hard place like, sofa, bed, or rake.  Its curved head easily pushes water to drain. Its body is weather and chemical resistant.

Its galvanized body is also rust proof.

What We Like!
  • Corrosion resistant body
  • Rust proof blades
  • Multi use, for home and industry
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easy Water Pushing
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for uneven floors

3. FURemove Broom with Squeegee

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Salient Features
  • Innovative and versatile cleaning
  • Fur Remover from carpets & rugs
  • Adjustable handle to suit the user
  • Hair remover
  • Light weight


It is an INNOVATIVE & VERSATILE cleaning tool that that be used indoor or outdoor to clean concrete, Carpets, rugs, tile, windows, and more.

This is a great tool to clean hardwood floors. The FURemover Broom gets your surfaces cleaner.

It is made of  100% natural rubber and it attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum like regular brooms can never do that.

It can be used to clean windows, showers, and windshields with ease.

Works great to wipe away liquid spills on tile, concrete, or any hardwood surface such as patio decks or interior flooring.

It is provided with a telescopic handle the length of which can be easily adjusted to suit any user. Handle extends from 36 inches to 60 inches

It Simply washes away excess cat hair and dog hair on the rubber broom bristles by using soapy water to sanitize and renew.

Natural rubber is easy to clean and requires little maintenance

What We Like!
  • Removes fur
  • Removes hair
  • Multi user, can clean windows and glass as well
  • Adjustable handle
  • Little maintenance
Things to Consider!
  • Fur has to be removed physically

4. Rubbermaid Best Squeegee for Epoxy Floor

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Salient Features
  • Heavy duty double moss
  • Flexible blades
  • Leaves no mark on the floor


The Rubbermaid commercial heavy duty dual moss is an effortless cleaning squeegee. It is used to clean up wet or dry spills in commercial, medical, and industrial environments.

It accepts a tapered handle. It can be used to remove liquids from uneven floors and grout lines without leaving marks.

It is provided with natural moss rubber that is very good at removing liquid with absorption ability. With flexible rubber, it is very useful cleaning contoured surfaces.

With its amazing head no soap residue, water, streaks, or footprints is left behind.

It also removes oil and grease very effectively. It’s a nice product for floor cleaning.

What We Like!
  • Affordable
  • durable
  • Useful for uneven surfaces
  • Works well for wet and dry spills
Things to Consider!
  • Separate handle
  • Sometimes Handle is not clamped tightly

5. Yocada | Best Squeegee for Garage Floor

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Salient Features
  • Adjustable Handle
  • Adjustable Knuckle
  • Rapid Drying Broom
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Light weight


This Floor Squeegee is lightweight, multifunctional, and anti-static. It can be used as Floor Squeegee, Water Squeegee or Window squeegee.

It has 180 degree adjustable pivoting head suitable for any angle, which gives a better operative capability with its functions. It is provided with 4 sections pole that can be removed and adjusted to any size for a particular task.

It has an adjustable handle which is long enough to give a high reach. It works both in wet and dry conditions and there is no need to use excessive effort to dry the floor and surfaces.

Simply apply some pressure to get the job done.

What We Like!
  • Adjustable handle
  • Adjustable pole
  • Easy to dry the floor
  • High reach
  • Multi-purpose
Things to Consider!
  • Sometimes leaves streaks behind
  • Foam Rubber absorbs a lot of water

6. Ravmag Silicon Broom and Squeegee

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Salient Features
  • High quality rubber broom with slanted bristles
  • It sweeps as well
  • Long handle
  • Vacuum Hand assembly
  • Adjustable knuckle joint
  • 100% Natural Rubber
  • 06 Lines of bristles


Ravmag silicon broom and squeegee is a lightweight with slanted side bristles made from pure rubber. This high quality squeegee has a long life and is much better than a traditional broom. It can be easily used to clean indoor and outdoor places.

This broom is great for cleaning of sand, dirt, dust, pet fur, hair, leaves, and fine particles from the carpet and floor. It is very sturdy and durable.

It has an extra-long handle with bristles which can be used conveniently to clean ceilings, roofs, and other hard to reach areas.

It can also be used to remove hair and dust from the clothes. It also works well to lift pet hair from a high area where pets sleep or rest.

It’s a multi-purpose squeegee that is very useful to push water towards drain; It can also be used to clean windows, showers or car windshield.

It is both detergent and chemical resistant.

What We Like!
  • Sweeps and squeegee
  • Useful for both wet and dry places
  • Extra-long handle for better reach
  • Chemical and detergent resistant
  • Bristle
  • Hair Remover
Things to Consider!
  • Mid-range size only

7. Nine Forty Industrial Squeegee

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Salient Features
  • Long Handle
  • Rugged Rubber Blades
  • All Plastic Body


This 24″ All-Purpose Rubber Floor Squeegee with a 56” handle is really a great tool to clean and dry your garage, deck, driveway, or sidewalks.

With minimal effort, this squeegee can be used to push water, slush, or snow that melts from your vehicle and ends up on your garage floor.

This squeegee is well made, sturdy, efficient, and easy to use.

It has rugged rubber blades and it is completely made of plastic and will not rust like metal frame squeegees. It is used both for cleaning and drying the floor.

It dries the floor in a flash after cleaning and washing.

It also sweeps the garage, deck, drive, or sidewalk. It effortlessly pushes the water towards the drain. It is very easy to clean and rinse this squeegee.

What We Like!
  • Long handle
  • Removes snow and ice
  • Scratch proof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Dries floor in a flash
  • Sweeps as well.
Things to Consider!
  • Handle can be broken

8. CLEANHOME | Best Squeegee for Concrete Floor

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Salient Features
  • Adjustable handle
  • 1800 Degree rotating Head
  • Head made of EVA Elements
  • Light weight


CLEANHOME floor squeegee broom is a multi-purpose squeegee, it can be used to clean bathrooms, homes, offices, kitchen.

It is very easy to assemble and install, the four section pole can be assembled as per requirement.

Its head is made of EVA elements, these elements prevent the squeegee to wet, and also this head does not make scratches on the floor. It dries the floor in a flash.

This squeegee can be used to clean and dry doors and windows as well. It can also be used to remove the pet hair.

It is provided with an 1800 Degree rotating Head which makes access to difficult areas like the sofa, bed, and rakes very easily and cleans this area properly.

It can easily be rinsed and can be used immediately after rinsing.

What We Like!
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Can clean every place
  • With Rotating has the ability to adapt any angle for cleaning
  • Adjustable handle
Things to Consider!
  • Not good for concrete
  • Foam rubber absorbs too much water

Buying Guide

Garage Floor cleaning requires a proper tool to clean the floor.  Just like everything else, there are lots of things to consider before choosing a best suited squeegee.

Following are the key consideration to buy the best squeegee;


Squeegee is available in different sizes, there are mainly two sizes, Commercials Models and Residential Models. Commercial models are designed to clean the larger floor whereas residential models are used to clean smaller floors and tight spaces in the home.

Normally squeegees are available in the following dimensional sizes.

  • 13- to 18-inch-long squeegees are best suited for small areas like around a toilet or along floorboards.
  • 22- to 24-inch-long squeegees are useful for relatively larger floors and are best to push water toward a drain.
  • 30- to 36-inch-long squeegees are the largest models which are used in the big floors and open areas; these can also remove snow and ice.

Blade Material

The blade is the most important part of a squeegee. It comes into contact with the floor and removes water to keep it clean for customers, so choosing one can be tough! There are many different types out there though – from plastic-impregnated paper to steel or even Laminate™- which means you have plenty of options when shopping around at home improvement stores near me.


Rubber is a great blade material for squeegees because it can be used daily, doesn’t scuff or scratch floors, and the best part about having such an efficient tool? You don’t need to buy any expensive replacement blades!

Rubber makes up one of five different types that are typically found in households around America today. All five types perform various tasks from washing dishes (spun nylon), cutting fruits and vegetables into pieces too small for human consumption(polyester) all while providing protection against bacteria growth due to its ability to resist bacterial oils found on


When it comes to the best type of squeegee, there are many options. From foam for absorbent surfaces or even an all-purpose flat surface cleaner with no texture requirements whatsoever!

There’s a bunch out there when deciding on what kind if flooring your project will be working with; textured floors that don’t stick at all (like nonslip), as well as grouted tiled installations–you name it, Foam can take care of them easily enough thanks to its excellent suction power and comfort grip handle design.


Neoprene is often found on commercial-grade floor squeegees. It resists grease and oil, making it ideal for use in kitchens as well as restaurants!

Frame Material

The frame is the part of a squeegee that connects it to its handle. Frames come in steel, aluminum, and plastic materials; each providing its own advantages for different jobs!


Steel frames are a durable and often used on the commercial model’s floor squeegees. Galvanized steel, which is corrosion resistant will work best for your needs!


Aluminum frames are lightweight and affordable, but they also have a lot of benefits. For one thing, aluminum resists corrosion which makes it durable enough for tough jobs like floor squeegees in hard-to reach places!


plastic glasses are easy to clean and have a better grip when handling. Plus, the plastic frame is corrosion resistant so they’ll last longer than glass frames in most cases!


When it comes to floor squeegees, the materials and design will vary. There are many options for handles; wood or steel-the most common being plastic with an aluminum underneath -and even some that offer adjustability in length (such as this one).

A molded grip makes handling easier because there’s less chance of slipping. But if holding on isn’t working too well already then consider picking up a handle made from more durable material like metal instead!

Frame style

A floor squeegee is an essential tool for any home with hardwood floors. Some are straight, while others curve to make mopping easier on your backside and more effective at removing water from the surface of the wood below it – especially if you’re cleaning large amounts in one go!


Some floor squeegees have bristled at the blade’s end to help you clean efficiently. A model with these extra features is usually more effective when it comes time to get rid of all that pesky debris or residue from your floors!

Final Word

Floor squeegees help to clean and clear various different types of floors such as concrete, marble, tile, brick, and wood. Different squeegees have different capacities and purposes. Rubber squeegees with bristles help to remove dust, dirt, hair, and water, while the curved ones are useful to push more water towards the drain.

Steel squeegees are used to clean large industrial floors. Small squeegees are used for the small floor whereas large squeegees are used to clean larger floors. You can select any floor squeegee according to your requirement from the above list to keep you’re your floor neat and clean.

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People Also Asked

Here are a few questions answered to add more value to your information;

What is the best Garage Floor Squeegee?

Here is a list of top rated Squeegee for garage floors;

  1.  FlexSweep Commercial Squeegee (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Ettore Curved Industrial Squeegee (Best Value)
  3. FURemove Broom with Squeegee
  4. Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Squeegee
  5. Yocada Floor Squeegee Broom
  6. Ravmag Silicon Broom and Squeegee
  7. Nine Forty Industrial Squeegee
  8. CLEANHOME Mini Floor Squeegee Broom

What is the difference between a floor squeegee and a floor scraper?

Floor squeegees are used to water and oil/grease from the hard floors and to give it streak-free shiny look.

A scraper has a sharp blade edge that loses some debris and food particle on the floor. A scraper can also damage some floors, so be careful while using a scrapper.

What type of floor squeegees should I buy if I work as a cleaner?

Squeegees are available in different sizes and materials. Smaller squeegees are good for accessing tight spots like around a toilet, while large squeegees can quickly create a streak-free finish. Foam and rubber squeegees work well for residential cleaning, but if you clean commercial properties, you may want a neoprene squeegee for different flooring types.

What else can I use a floor squeegee for besides moving water and creating a streak-free finish on my floor?

A floor squeegee may come in handy for cleaning large windows around the house. It can also work well for shower doors and walls. Some people use them to contain large, dry messes, such as dirt that spills from a fallen potted plant.

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