Best Large Garage Ceiling Fan

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Are you running a garage workshop and it gets heated up in summer?

The ceiling fans are the coolest, smartest, and energy-efficient appliances to keep your garage cool, fresh, and at low temperatures even in summer.

The ceiling fans are considered energy-star and energy-efficient as well because they save a lot of your utility bills by consuming minimum electricity.

The market is full of different fan brands that have introduced different varieties of garage ceiling fans. Each garage ceiling fan comes with different specialties, costs, AFM, CFM, etc.

Choosing a suitable ceiling fan for your garage would be a difficult task for you.


Don’t have the time to read this entire article? Here are the best you can get. Read on to learn why.

52' Casa Delta-Wing Modern Contemporary Farmhouse Indoor...
52" Casa Delta-Wing Modern Contemporary Farmhouse Indoor...
Oil-rubbed bronze finish motor. Three walnut finish solid wood fan blades.

7 Best Large Garage Ceiling Fan Reviews

To help you in this case, we have collected up the top 7 best ceiling fans for garages. Keep reading the article to choose the best one for your garage workshop.

1. Big Air 88″ Industrial Large Garage Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Blade Length: 88 inches

The Big Air Industrial Ceiling Fan is the best one to be used in a garage with one year of warranty. With its 88 inches blades, it covers the large space of your garage.

It can be attached with a standard down rod length of six inches. A special nine-blade design confirms the high volume air movement. These blades can move in a reversible direction in case of seasonal need. These ceiling fans can be used in both summers and winters to cool your garage.

All the settings of the fan are remote control. These fans have six-speed options for establishing a comfortable surrounding. It’s best to be used in damp environments as they receive UL damp rating for installation protecting the inner components.

The DC motor of Big Air industrial ceiling fan is energy-efficient, approved by ENERGY STAR. It saves up to 65% of energy than a traditional AC motor.

There is a convenient wall holder with this motor for the remote. The company offers one year warranty. It is best for indoor garages.

What We Like!
  • UL Damp rating
  • Energy efficient
  • Useful in all weathers
  • Large diameter blades
  • Less noisy
  • Reversible direction
  • Good cooling circulation
Things to Consider!
  • Some users complained about poor air circulation

2. Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: Electric-cord
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length: 56 inches

Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse ceiling fan is a fifty-six-inch industrial fan that is enough for a garage up to 400 square feet (37.16 m²).

With just 41 Watts energy usage without light, saving your energy, it gives a contemporary breeze inside your garage. It has a durable motor with a warranty of fifteen years.

The motor is noise-free and gives the garage perfect air movement with an airflow efficiency of 84 CFM/W.

The unique feature of the wall control garage ceiling fan has five different speed velocities along with the on/off function making it convenient to use.

The blades of this Westinghouse ceiling fan are finely made of nickel steel. Well known for its modern design.

Besides all, when you are buying this fan, you must be sure about whether the height of the garage is suitable or not. There should be at least a distance of ten inches from the garage floor.

What We Like!
  • Five-speed wall control unit
  • Nickel steel coating of blades
  • Less energy usage (41 Watts)
  • Quiet motor
  • Covers area up to 400 feet (0.12 km)
Things to Consider!
  • Not CSA approved can’t be installed in Canada

3. Honeywell Xerxes Garage Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source:  AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length:  62 inches

Honeywell designed Xerxes ceiling fan is 62 inches ceiling fan covers the large garage space (up to 18ft x 20ft) which has two positions dual mount feature which allows it to hang by standard down rod mount (i.e. four inches down rod included) on angled ceilings. can give great blade circulation becoming a cooler or heater.

Each of its eight reversible blades has two versatile covers. One side shows a lovely ash finish while another side is finished with an awesome black look. You here have a choice of selecting the side according to your garage theme and color.

A built-in lighting system illuminates the whole garage through its fully integrated LED board, giving it an effective look with 1400 lumens and dimmable lights adjustable between 0% to 100% according to the visual mood of your garage. The fan uses 18 Watts of energy-giving 2700K color temperature.

Moreover, all the settings of the fan are remote control. Three-speed settings of the fan along with the light output all can be conveniently controlled from remote conveniently.

What We Like!
  • Dual mount feature
  • Dimmable  lights that can be shifted from 0% to 100%
  • Internal LED board for effective illumination
  • Three-speed universal remote control options
  • Two-sided blade finishing
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Things to Consider!
  • Bit expensive
  • Cannot be flush mounted
  • The motor reverse button is on top of the fan and not remote control

4. Casa Delta Garage Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length: 52 inches

Casa Delta garage ceiling fan has a quiet motor finely finished with bronze. Oil rubbed, bronze finished motor has three solid reversible blades which are made up of wood from the walnut tree.

These blades are 52inches and have a nine-degree blade pitch. It’s best for garages with an industrial theme. The LED light is an additional feature.

Mid-century air-plane designed Casa Delta large garage ceiling fan turns your garage into your favorite place. The canopy of this fan is six inches and two inches high.

The quality of the fan is highly maintained along with the fine finishing and good feel. Moreover, quiet electric blades are made focusing on a comfortable environment.

What We Like!
  • Durable bronze finished motor
  • Three walnut tree solid wood’s blades
  • Multiple speeds
  • UL listed for damp locations
  • Remote Control
Things to Consider!
  • Not suitable for garages with humid climate
  • Its lightening is not as beautiful as the fan itself

5. Prominence Home  Auletta Garage Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length: 52 inches

Prominence Home Auletta ceiling fan is good for indoor as well as covered outdoor garages. This trend-setting ceiling fan has a matte black body.

The four sleek blades of the fan are waterproof so can be easily washed.  Moreover, these blades can rotate in the reverse direction and have a three-speed powerful motor.

This reverse air-flow feature allows turning the direction of airflow where needed.

ELT damp-rated ceiling fans can be hung in both inside and outside garages.  It can be mounted with different rods including down rod, angled-mount rod, and close mount rod.

These dynamic hanging abilities make it unique. The enriched pine toning and aesthetic rustic look add an adorable charm to your garage.

Along this ceiling fan is attached a  dimmable LED powerful integrated light globe with a beam angle enough to lighten up your garage using 94 lumens per watt (it is 800 lumens and 8.5 Watts).

What We Like!
  • Four waterproof blades
  • Alloy steel material
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • LED light globe
  • Damp-rated
  • Dynamic hanging abilities
  • Contemporary
Things to Consider!
  • Tricky to install
  • Bit noisy

6. Honeywell Large Ceiling Fans for Garage

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length: 52 inches

Honeywell 50182 Ceiling Fan is specially designed for garages with low ceilings that are just 13.4 inches from the floor. They have an easy installation with fifteen screws that are less than any other garage ceiling fan has.

Operating the fan is much easier and quieter. You just need to pull the chain to turn on or off the fan. Moreover, the large 52 inches four blades of the fan can rotate in both directions.

The reversible motor allows the fan to provide cool air in summer and reverse in winter.

Two LED bulbs of 15 Ampere of beam angle 200% are 600lumens with just 6.5 Watts of energy, which is much less than many other ceiling fans’ attached bulbs.

What We Like!
  • Easy to install
  • Reverse airflow feature
  • Quiet operation
  • Two LED light bulbs
  • Enough for low ceilings
  • Energy efficient
  • Pulling chain for quick on\off adjustments
Things to Consider!
  • It can only be installed with a flush mount and not any extended
  • Noisy

7. Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Garage Ceiling Fan

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Salient Features
  • Power Source: AC
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Blade Length: 52 Inches

Hunter Cassius ceiling fan has a multi-speed reversible fan is an industrial fan with a grey color walnut striped reversible blades. The motor of the Cassius ceiling fan lets running of the fan in both directions.

In summers, it changes direction to downward mode while in winters it changes to updraft direction. Moreover, it is damp-rated so can be used conveniently.

It is height adjustable and has included five and three inches downloads for ensuring good distance from the ceiling.

This model ensures the convenience of the user as you just need to pull the chain to turn on or off the fan quickly.

What We Like!
  • Easy to turn on/off
  • Height adjustable
  • Multi-speed
  • Powerful airflow
  • Silent performer
Things to Consider!
  • Creates humming noise at high speeds

Buying Guide For Best Garage Ceiling Fan

As you will find a large variety of ceiling fans that are all eligible for garage workshops but which one fits into your garage ceiling is a serious question. So, we have written down some important factors in our buying guide that would be helpful for you in finding the best ceiling fan for the garage.


The motor plays the main role as the airflow efficiency directly depends on the motor power of the ceiling fan. So, choose a ceiling fan that runs on a powerful and durable motor.


There are a lot of ceiling fans with and without multiple speeds found in the market but we suggest you choose the one that comes with adjustable speeds so that you may control the airflow and set it to your liking.


For proper concentration, while working in your garage workshop, you should look for a ceiling fan equal to the quiet noise level. In this case, the ceiling fans with speed adjustments are best so that you may also control the noise level along with the fan speed.

Height adjustment

Yes, this is all true that you can also find the height-adjustable ceiling fan for your garage so that you may get maximum airflow at any specific place or all over your garage, depending upon your needs.


A ceiling fan is an important appliance for your garage workshop especially in summer when the temperature level goes up and you need fresh and cool air to work easily in your tight space garage, the ceiling fan can be the best companion to your job in this case. After reviewing our article, we hope that all the things are now cleared in your mind that was essential for you to know so that you may find the best ceiling fan for your garage.

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FAQ about Large Garage Ceiling Fan

Here are a few FAQ’s that will further add value to your knowledge;

What is the Best Large Garage Ceiling Fan?

Here is my list of top rated garage fans;

  1. Big Air 88″ Industrial Large Garage Ceiling Fan
  2. Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse Ceiling Fan
  3. Honeywell Xerxes Garage Ceiling Fan
  4. Casa Delta Garage Ceiling Fan
  5. Prominence Home Auletta Garage Ceiling Fan
  6. Honeywell Large Ceiling Fans for Garage
  7. Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Garage Ceiling Fan

How a ceiling fan helps you in the garage?

The ceiling fan lowers the temperature level of your hot garage. Moreover, the ceiling fan also helps to lower the utility bills of your garage.

How many blades on a ceiling fan are perfect for a garage?

The ceiling fan with up to 5 blades is best for a garage because it will produce enough airflow with the minimum noise level.

Can I adjust the height of my garage ceiling fan?

There are a lot of ceiling fans for garages that are height adjustable so the answer is yes you can adjust the height of your garage ceiling if you buy one with this specialty.

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