Best Rated Garage Storage Cabinets

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Working in the garage always leads to a mess if not managed properly.

More than this it is a safety threat if tools are all around the floor.

A garage is your property, and a small handy tools box and a cabinet can manage all of your stuff.

There are many garage cabinets out in the market of different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can get as per your garage floor and paint.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

HangUps Storage Cabinet
HangUps Storage Cabinet
Set b Total product weight: 285 lbs.; 29 Cubic feet; 5-Year Manufacturer’s limited on parts
Best Value
Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with 2 Shelves, Steel, GS00727021
Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with 2 Shelves, Steel, GS00727021
2 adjustable shelves for convenient storage; Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included

7 Best Rated Garage Storage Cabinets Reviews

Here is the list of the Best Rated Garage Storage Cabinets;

1. Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with 2 Shelves

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What we Like!
  • Easy to adjust
  • Built in lock
  • Light weight
  • Made of high quality steel
Things to Consider!
  • Not that compact


On #1 us Homak 2 door wall cabinet with 2 shelves. This cabinet is made of high-quality steel, and it has two doors and two shelves that can be adjustable.

The shelves can hold a load up to 22 pounds and a max load capacity of 66 pounds.

The cabinet weight is just 34 pounds and is very easy to install. It has a built-In lock.

To enhance the appearance, Cabinet doors and drawer fronts feature has a sleek silver finish to it. It comes with a pull-out shelf with ball-bearing glides.

If you need more storage, you can add more Homak components to your space.

2. NewAge Products Garage Storage Cabinet Set

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What we Like!
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 26-guage steel
  • Has 6 foot long stainless steel worktop
  • High volume cabinet
Things to Consider!
  • A bit expensive


On #2 is the new age products 50404 Bold 3.0 garage storage cabinet set. It is one of the best cabinet sets. It comes with a high cost premium.

The cabinet has 2 large lockers on both ends and a set of 3 wall cabinets that are suspended about 6 feet in the air, which has opening doors, a tool cabinet, and a floor cabinet.

Both lockers have four large shelves in which large things can easily come. It also has a six-foot-long stainless steel worktop that can serve as a full bench.

These cabinets are designed in such a way that you can easily grab handles.

The quality of this cabinet is just perfect. It is made up of 24-gauge steel and has a lifetime warranty.

3. FLEXIMOUNTS Floating Shelves for Garage

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What we Like!
  • 10 years warranty
  • It can carry heavy stuff
  • Hardware material are all good
Things to Consider!
  • It’s a lot expensive compare to other cabinet.


On #3 is fleximounts 2-pack floating shelves. These are one person installation shelves with all types of hardware included. It can easily be installed.

It is sturdy and stable. These shelves have a 400-pound weight capacity that means they can carry weighty things without any problems. It has a buckle design with Velcro’s, which helps prevent the brackets from bending or falling.

If it’s a hefty toolbox or a garage fan, it can easily carry it.

You can place these shelves side-by-side by stacked them above one another. You can also customize how high you can place the shelves from the floor or how much clearance you want to leave between the two shelves.

All of the hardware in this product has gone through strict tests. The warranty on these shelves is of 10 years.

4. Gladiator Full Door Wall Box Steel Cabinet

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What we Like!
  • 10 years warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • It can carry heavy stuff
  • Magnetic lock system
Things to Consider!
  • It takes a lot of space


On no 4 is the gladiator full door wall box steel cabinet. It is one of a kind in the market. It is a full door cabinet made up of steel with backplates and an Allen hold the screw.

It can be easily installed. It is designed in a loop, so it is straightforward to assemble.

It can support weight up to 150 lbs of your storage. You can easily reposition this cabinet. It has 2 shelves each can carry weight for about 40 lbs along with fixed based shelves.

It has a magnetic lock system that can easily lock the doors. The quality of this cabinet is just perfect; many people who have bought this cabinet are so in love with this cabinet as it comes with a warranty of 10 years and is easy to assemble and very strong.

5. Goplus 8-Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Set

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What we Like!
  • feet are adjustable
  • Door can easily be open or closed
  • Easy to assemble
Things to Consider!
  • It is costly


Up next is the Goplus 8-piece Garage storage cabinet set. This cabinet is different from all of the above mentioned cabinets; it has detached shelves.

The feet can be adjustable, so you can easily place them on an unbalanced ground. There are 8 cabinets, and all of them can be locked.

This cabinet comes with ball-bearing slides. Another great thing about this product is that the top is made with a bamboo worktop. Each door has a handle, so opening and closing the door is very easy.

It has 9 shelves 1 drawer, and 2 doors. This cabinet is just amazing because it is easy to assemble and is beautiful.

Buying Guide of Best Rated Garage Storage Cabinet

There is a lot of garage cabinet out in the market. It would be best if you kept n mind few points before selecting the right cabinet for you. I will be telling you which few points to keep in mind before buying a garage cabinet for yourself.


When buying the cabinet, keep in mind that the cabinet you are buying is not taking much space according to your garage. If your garage is small, you need to measure the cabinet that you will get for yourself and then buy. You can have a large cabinet in a small space, right.

Budget friendly

When buying a cabinet, keep in mind that it must be under your budget and not too expensive. If you are low on budget, then get the cabinet that suits your budget but keep in mind the quality of the cabinet won’t be as great.

If you want a good quality cabinet, you need to make your budget high. But by doing a little research for the best cabinet, you may find what you are looking for at a low price.

Final Verdict

I have told you of many garage cabinets with lots of great features and durability. While getting a garage cabinet, keep in mind the quality of the garage and how much weight it can handle.

I would suggest getting Go plus 8 if you have large space in your garage as it is beautiful and has a lot of space as well. The rest is up to you; if you have any questions regarding the right cabinet, leave a comment.

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People Also Asked

Here are a few questions related to garage cabinets;

Which things should we store?

This is a very important question which thing should we store? Do remember cabinets are designed to store different types of things. But do keep in mind the durability of the cabinet and how much weight cans the cabinet carries.

If you have to store heavy things then a plastic cabinet is not right for you as plastic does not carry much weight for that get a cabinet made of steel as steel can endure heavyweight.

How much space should a cabinet have?

That is totally up to you. If you have a huge garage you can get yourself the type of cabinet that will mostly suit up with your garage. If you have a small garage get the cabinet which has only 2 shelves but for larger space get a large cabinet it mostly will look best in your garage.

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