Best Security Camera for Garage

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The Municipal Technical Advisory Service Institute for Public Service has reviewed and analyzed plenty of research studies regarding the effectiveness of the security cameras and has reported that CCTV cameras are most effective to reduce vehicle crimes in public parking lots and garages. They have further highlighted that the effectiveness of the security cameras can be improved by enhancing lighting and increasing the security patrolling in the area.

The cameras installed inside the garage should give a clear view of vehicles stored and enable you to allow the next inline vehicles for repairing and servicing purposes.

The outside cameras provide enhanced security and surveillance preventing possible car theft.

In the following piece, I am going to analyze a list of top rated security cameras having different features. This review will effectively help you to quickly select a better quality camera for your garage needs.

The cameras have diverse security features. The modern cameras are equipped with video and audio recording facilities.

These can also be rotated at 360 degrees to provide observation in a larger area. Warning alert signals have been incorporated in some high tech cameras.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

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Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built...
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built...
Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.; Powered by the quick-release rechargeable battery pack.

7 Best Security Camera for Garage Reviews

The quick links to our chosen list of security cameras are given below.

1. Ring Spotlight Security Camera

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Salient Features
  • Records video and audio
  • Provides surveillance in 1080 HD video
  • Includes infrared night vision
  • Allows live viewing
  • Effectively detects motion
  • Allows taking with visitors through Phone or PC
  • Equipped with siren and LED light
  • Works with Amazon Alexa


A ring spotlight camera is a perfect option for protecting the garages and public parking lots. It is a wireless device and can be easily installed at a convenient place in your garage.

Multiple cameras can be installed in the space for improved security surveillance. This high tech and modern camera support connecting with the phone, pc, and tablet.

It has the unique feature of talking to your visitor from the mobile or any other gadget.

One of the best things about this is it can efficiently record the videos and audios for 60 days of observation. You need a separate monthly subscription for recording videos.

It allows you to control your garage in order to watch 1080 HD video streaming. Live viewing is also incorporated into this device.  Recorded videos can also be shared easily via phone.

Detecting live motion is another excellent feature of this security camera.

Night vision is one of the most important aspects to consider while monitoring the garage. The ring spotlight camera is also equipped with infrared night vision capability.

It is also designed to automatically activate a built-in siren to timely alert you about any incursion attempt in the garage. LED lights are also provided with this camera.

It is powered by a quick release rechargeable battery.

What We Like!
  • Live video monitoring
  • Two way talking facility
  • Recording and sharing of video & audios
  • Mobile control
  • Detects motion effectively
  • Night vision
  • Alerts timing to avoid theft
Things to Consider!
  • It does not support thumbnail image preview

2. myQ Smart HD Camera for Garage

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Salient Features
  • Records videos
  • Allows two audio talk
  • Connects to myQ app via Bluetooth
  • Works well with the myQ doors
  • The mic can be muted or activated through myQ app
  • Withstand extreme weather conditions between -4 to 122 oF
  • Includes magnetic mounting base for easy installation


The myQ smart camera is specifically designed for garage security. It can be operated alone or in conjunction with a garage door opener. It is compatible with the myQ app and can be connected with it via Bluetooth.

The recorded videos can be watched through the app. The video storing requires separate payment to access all video related features.

The 1080 HD video storage subscription can be obtained from 7 to 30 days.

One of the unique features of this device is it allows two way talk; you can conveniently mute or disable the mic during the communication. The mic can be enabled again as per need.

This feature is very rare in other security cameras.

The best thing about this camera is it effectively detects the motion and sends an immediate notification to the controller.

This also allows you to view the live movement of objects.

This camera is manufactured from highly robust material that enables it to withstand harsh weather conditions. It can accurately perform during between -4 to 122 oF temperature.

This enhances the durability of the camera and prevents it from getting damaged.

A magnetic mounting base is also provided to easily install this camera. It also includes an optional adhesive to strengthen the fixing of this camera.

What We Like!
  • Compatible with myQ openers
  • Robust design
  • Motion detection
  • Live video viewing
  • Multiple communication features
  • Quick and easy installation
Things to Consider!
  • Requires extra bucks to see all the video features

3. Liftmaster HD Camera for Garage

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Salient Features
  • Provides live and recorded video access
  • 1080 HD Video features
  • Angle allowance up to 140 degree
  • Detects motion
  • Connects with myQ app via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Magnetic mounting base for easy installation
  • Compatible with all key applications
  • Works well between -4 to 122 oF


Liftmaster HD camera is another garage specific design. It efficiently records videos and provides a live feed of the garage as well.

With this camera you can control the garage area against any risk of theft and invasion. You can view the recorded videos in 1080 HD format and it also allows you to rotate the camera at 140 degree angle.

The video recording needs a subscription for 7 to 30 days.

The unique thing about this smart camera is it permits it to connect with myQ and other key applications related to garage security.

You can easily link the camera with these apps via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This feature enables you to share the recorded videos as well.

Motion detection is another excellent characteristic of this camera. It immediately starts recording once it senses the motion of any object.

You can effectively control the entry and exit to the garage with this device.

The installation of this camera is also easy and quick. It is provided with a magnetic mounting base to install it anywhere in the garage.

One of the best features of this device is it can conveniently endure the extra low and high temperature between -4 to 122 oF without incurring any defect.

What We Like!
  • Viewing of live and recorded videos
  • Allows controlling the entry and exit
  • Immediately detects object motion
  • Withstand high and low temperature
  • Easy to install with magnetic base
  • Compatible with security mobile apps
  • Allows rotation
Things to Consider!
  • Required extra payment for availing full video features
  • A bit expensive with full features

4. Blink Mini Compact Indoor Security Camera

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Salient Features
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • Customization of motion detection zones
  • Allows two way communication
  • Infrared night vision capability
  • Connects with for easy control
  • 30 day free video storage subscription
  • Works well with Amazon Alexa


The Blink Mini Smart camera is a small but compact device for protecting your garage and workshops. It allows multiple options of installation.

This camera can be placed on a table or any convenient location to thoroughly view the garage space. A stand is also provided with the camera to permanently install its wall or ceiling.

This camera is technology supported and can be attached to the blink mini mobile app for the storage of videos. The best thing about this camera is it has 1080P HD video resolution.

Videos can be recorded and viewed later on through the app. a 30 day free subscription is provided for video storage. The subscription can be extended by paying a prescribed amount.

The videos can also be stored on a USB or local memory card. Two way audio communication is another excellent feature of this camera.

Motion detection is also included with this device. This feature allows you to identify different zones for viewing objects.

Zonal control enhances the performance of the camera for improving the security of the garage. Infrared night vision capability is also incorporated in this smart device.

It provides better control of the garage. The Blink mini camera works well with the Amazon Alexa.

What We Like!
  • High performing compact device
  • Permits recording and live viewing of videos
  • Immediately detects object motion
  • Two way talks
  • Better night control
  • Allows zonal control for detecting the motion
  • Free video storage subscription
  • Easily installation
Things to Consider!
  • App connection is inconsistent sometimes

5. LaView Security Camera for Garage

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Salient Features
  • 2.1 MP camera provides 1080 HD videos
  • Can be rotated at 130 degree
  • Infrared night vision capability
  • Low light coverage up to 39 feet
  • Withstand -4 to 122 oF Temperature
  • Two way talk with the visitors
  • Motion detection and notification
  • Onvif feature allows connecting with NVR


The Laview is an excellent security camera. It is equipped with plenty of unique surveillance features. The 2.1 Megapixel camera incorporated with this camera provides 1080 HD videos. A mobile connection is also supported with this device.

The app permits multiple users to view and check this camera. The recorded videos can be stored in SD cards and Cloud storage. These videos are safe and can only be accessed through a password.

This security camera can be rotated at 130 degrees for enhanced coverage of the garage area. Infrared night vision capability is included with its features.

It provides equally better night surveillance. The thing about this is it detects object motion immediately and also alerts the user about the presence of the object.

Another good feature is it allows you to talk with the visitors. The built-in speakers provide clear audio communication. The movie security protocol of this camera provides a cushion to connect with external software. This helps to enhance control and surveillance of the space.

The IP65 feature makes it waterproof and saves it from extreme weather conditions. It can withstand low and high temperatures between -4 to 122 oF.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The camera is powered by direct electricity through wired cables.

What We Like!
  • High quality video view
  • Supports storage of videos on SD card
  • Effectively detects motion and alerts
  • Endures the harsh weather
  • Can also be rotated for enhanced security
  • Low light coverage in the night
  • Multi users mobile connectivity
Things to Consider!
  • Does not support Onvit protocol sometimes

6. Eufy Floodlight Camera for Garage

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Salient Features
  • 2500 Lumen super bright motion activated floodlights
  • Effective motion alert
  • Allows 2 way talk
  • Human detection
  • 1080HD video recording
  • Built-in Smart siren
  • Night vision


The Eufy flood light cameras are an excellent choice for protecting expensive garage possessions. This camera has the capacity to record video in 1080 HD resolution.

These videos can be viewed in live streaming or through recording.  Wide angle coverage ensures each and corner of the garage is viewed. Mobile connectivity is also allowable.

No hidden costs are involved for storing videos.

The unique feature of this camera is its high beam floodlights. The 2500 lumen super bright motion activated floodlight makes sure that every corner of space is lit up properly.

The brightness can also be adjusted to suit your sound and visibility.  A high volume alarm is also activated to warn the invaders protecting the garage.

One of the best features of this device is it effectively detects any motion around the camera coverage area. A real time notification is sent to the user for preventive measures.

Proper human detection and identification is another important thing about this camera. Night vision capability is also incorporated to make surveillance easier and efficient in the night and low light area.

The Eufy cameras are directly connected to electricity and not provided with a battery. It does not support connecting with eufy security Homebase.

What We Like!
  • High beam floodlight to see each and everything
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • High volume siren
  • HD video recording
  • Efficient motion detection
  • Night vision coverage
  • Human identification and notification
Things to Consider!
  • Poor mobile connectivity
  • Does not connect to homebase

7. Wyze Cam v3 Security Camera for Garage

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Salient Features
  • Provides colored night vision
  • Motion and sound detection and notification
  • 24/7 continuous video recording on 32 GB card
  • IP65 rating make it waterproof
  • Suited with Android 5+ & iOS 9+
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT
  • 2 way audio talk capability


The Wyze cam v3 security camera is one of the modern cameras for securing garages. This is also suitable for outdoor use.
The IP65 rating makes it waterproof and its performance is not affected due to rain.

It is well suited with the Android 5+ & iOS 9+ mobile operating systems. It also works well with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

The unique feature of this device is its colored night vision. The starlight sensor has the capacity to see through highly dark space.

The colored videos recorded with the camera are bright and clear. Its f/1.6 aperture can capture 2 times more light.

24/7 continuous video recording is another excellent feature of this camera. The recorded videos can be easily viewed through a mobile app. 32 GM SD card is provided with the camera to store the videos. This card is sold separately.

It is exceptionally designed to detect the motion and sound in the surrounding area. Real time notification is generated to alert the user about possible threats of theft and incursion.

The motion detection feature can be adjusted or focused on some specific zone. It can be turned off altogether as per your requirement.

Two way audio talks are also a very good feature of this device. It allows you to talk with the visitors from your cozy office or cabin.

This camera is powered by direct electricity and no battery is provided.

What We Like!
  • Colored night coverage
  • Can see through a dark area
  • Enhance motion detection
  • Generates real time notification
  • Allows talking to visitors
  • Continuous video control and recording
  • Withstands rain and water
Things to Consider!
  • One way talk is not available
  • Customer service is a bit lazy

Buying Guide

A wide range of security cameras is available in the market. These cameras have slightly different features. Selecting a quality camera for your garage needs is not an easy task.

After reviewing multiple security cameras, we have compiled the following factors to conveniently choose the right camera.

Live Streaming & Surveillance

Security cameras are installed in the garage to continuously monitor the movement in and around the garage space. Live viewing of vehicles and objects is one of the necessities of a camera.

You can also prioritize the entry and exit of vehicles for maintenance servicing with live streaming from your cozy office. You don’t have to come out to direct the technicians to line up vehicles.

This saves a lot of time and energy and provides real time surveillance of garage possessions. Tools and spares are also visible during the live feed.

Always check the live streaming feature of the security camera before purchasing.

HD Video Recording

The recording and storing of videos are beneficial for security purpose. It allows you to watch the recorded videos and check what was happening in the garage.

The 1080 HD videos are high definition and are clear to identify. Video recording of security cameras is different from camera to camera.

Some cameras have the capability to record videos 24/7 while some other cameras record videos only for specific times. You must purchase a camera having the feature of recording 1080 HD.

Mobile App Connectivity

Mobile app connectivity is another factor for buying a security camera for your garage. The security cameras are supported by the app.

Once the camera is connected with the app it allows you to control the operation of the camera from the touchpad of your mobile, PC, or tablet.

The live streaming and videos can also be watched from the app. This also allows checking the history of security cameras.

The camera is connected to the mobile app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Video Storage

Videos recorded during the surveillance are stored on an SD cards. The SD has to be purchased separately. Some cameras are stored on the mobile app.

A video storage subscription is required to avail full video related features. This subscription costs some money depending on the number of days subscribed.

It has to be renewed after expiry. A free trial subscription is also permitted for some security cameras.

Angled View

The rotation of security cameras allows monitoring of more areas. This will make it possible to see the complete picture of the object moving around in the garage.

The rotation angle varies for different cameras. Generally, the cameras are designed to rotate at 140-160 degrees to effectively cover all the surrounding areas.

Fixed cameras are being sold in the market. This is also a must check feature for improved security control of garage space.

Night Vision

Night vision of the security camera is the most important feature to secure the garage at night. The high tech cameras are equipped with infrared vision capability that makes it possible for the camera to clearly record the videos in the night and darkness.

More advanced cameras can provide colored night footage which is clearly identifiable. High beam floodlights are fitted with some security cameras that light up each and every corner of the garage at night.

The brightness of such cameras can be adjusted to suit the surrounding area. Some cameras have the capacity to see up to 39 feet in the darkness.

This feature makes security control easier at night. Night vision features of security cameras must be checked properly before purchasing any suitable camera.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is another important feature from a security point of view. The cameras are equipped to detect movement of any object entering the garage.

The real time notification is also sent to the user of the camera. Sound can also be detected by some high-tech cameras. Some cameras are designed to correctly identify the human trying to intrude or enter the garage.

All the security cameras are not provided with motion detection. So you must check this feature of the camera before finalizing your choice of a security camera.

Two Way Talk

Two way talk is a feature that enables you to talk with the visitor while he is standing at the door. The incorporated speakers of the camera allow communication quite clearly.

The user can mute or disable the communication for some security cameras. The audio can be enabled again as per your requirement.

This feature ensures that no wrong person is allowed to enter the premises without permission.

Built-in Siren

Alerting about a potential incursion is a mandatory feature to deter the theft attempt. The cameras activate the built-in siren if it detects any unauthorized movement.

This siren makes it possible for the owner to take preventative measures immediately to avert the incursion and invasion.

It can be a useful feature factor to check while buying a suitable camera.


Real time notification of objects detected in the garage is of utmost importance to deter a theft attempt in the garage.

Generally, the security cameras are equipped with the feature of sending notifications to the users.

The cameras immediately generate notifications once an unauthorized person is detected. This enables the user to take preventive measures to prevent the invasion or incursion attempt.

The notifications can also be seen through the mobile app.

Weather Resistance

The security cameras installed outside must be waterproof and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. The cameras are specifically designed to endure extremely low and high temperatures.

The temperature range varies with different cameras. Generally, the weather resistant security camera can efficiently operate between -4 to 122 oF.

IP65 features make the cameras fully waterproof and can be installed outside.

Alexa Compatibility

Alexa compatibility of security cameras makes the operation easier and efficient. Generally, all the cameras being sold on Amazon work well with Alexa. Some cameras are even suited with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Rechargeable Battery

Continuous running of security cameras is necessary for 24/7 control. A rechargeable battery provided with the camera serves the purpose.

Quick release rechargeable battery is included with some of the security cameras. This keeps the camera running in case of power failure.

All the cameras are not provided with a rechargeable battery. You can check this feature as per your needs.

The Final Word

Lifting of vehicles and theft of garage items is increasing on a large scale. The proper security of protection of garage possessions can be achieved by installing a high tech security camera in the garage.

The security cameras also detect object movement and generate real time notifications.

We have reviewed and analyzed 7 top rated security cameras. These cameras have varying security features and different price tags. This is done keeping in view the needs of multiple users.

A comprehensive buying guide is also added at the end of the review. This will make things further easier to narrow down your product list for selecting a best suited camera for needs.

We are pretty hopeful that our piece will be beneficial for you and confident that it will help you to make the final choice for purchasing a suitable security camera for your garage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions about the security cameras will further enlighten you and enable you to make the right decision to purchase a good quality camera.

What is the Best Security Camera for Garage?

Here is my list of top rated security cameras for the garage;

  1. Ring Spotlight Security Camera
  2. myQ Smart HD Camera for Garage
  3. Liftmaster HD Camera for Garage
  4. Blink Mini Compact Indoor Security Camera
  5. LaView Security Camera for Garage
  6. Eufy Floodlight Camera for Garage
  7. Wyze Cam v3 Security Camera for Garage

Why is a security camera installed in the garage?

A garage is normally a detached place from your house. It can be a safe place for thieves to hide. A security camera installed in the garage will help you to monitor the movement and alert you to make immediate preventive measures to secure your place.

Can a security camera detect motion in the garage?

Yes, Generally the security cameras are equipped with motion detection features. The cameras immediately send a notification once it detects the motion in the garage. Some cameras can even detect the sound in the garage. This feature can help to timely avert the invasion attempt.

Do the security cameras work at night?

Yes. The security cameras are provided with infrared night vision capability. The feature enables the camera to clearly see through the darkness and record it. Some high tech cameras can even provide colored views at night. This is a very important feature to deter incursion and theft attempts at night.

Do security cameras support mobile apps?

Yes, Almost all modern security cameras are supported by mobile apps. These can be easily connected to the mobile via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This allows customizing the control of the camera while sitting in your office or room.

Do security cameras allow two way communications?

Yes, Generally the security cameras are equipped with two ways audio talk features. This feature allows you to talk with the visitor at the door. The provided speakers make it possible to clearly talk with the visitor. It also allows you to mute and disable one way communication to block the visitor. Unauthorized entries can also be controlled by this feature.

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