Does Idling Car Drain Battery?

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A common misconception is that idling your car does not create any extra fuel emissions, but it does.

Cars are designed to return the maximum mileage per gallon while driving, so it does take more gas when you idle.

It may be harmless to let your car idle for 10 seconds, but what about 20 or 30 minutes?

Every time you start up your car engine, there are parts moving around under the hood at high speeds.

When you turn off your car engine, many small parts still spin around until they gradually slow down over time. All of the spinning around creates friction which results in energy being expended.

The longer you keep your car running without driving it, the more energy will be used and thus fuel will be wasted.

If everyone kept their cars running for 2 minutes and harnessed that energy, we could power 500 homes in the US – does that convince you to turn off your car when sitting at a stoplight?

Make sure to turn off engine when have to wait for someone a bit longer.

Not only does idling release harmful pollutants into the air, but it also wastes gas.

Many people think that the engine does not run if they sit still in their car with the ignition turned off (or with it in ‘accessory mode’). This is false!

Cars actually use more fuel per day while idling than driving.

So next time you pick up your kids from school or drop them off, try turning your car off and finding another way to stay warm and spend lesser.

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