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The best Fishing freak folks own multiple poles for fishing needs at different water sites. Fishing poles are delicate and can be damaged easily if put away in the corner of the garage. For longer service, these rods are required to be stored off the ground. These rods should also be prevented from the moisture to keep them safe from rusting and corrosion. A proper storage rack can protect the fishing rods against damaging and rusting.

The fishing pole holders are available in multiple designs like vertical, horizontal and round shaped. These racks are normally built from high quality material and last for a longer time. Some pole storage rack can even be installed on the ceiling of the garage. The capacity of each rack differs from the other ones. Storage rack keeps the pole secure and safe for longer use. Racks also provide quick access to the poles.

We are going to evaluate different types of fishing pole storage racks below. We will also discuss the key features of each rack design. This will be useful for you to choose a best suited pole holder for your garage needs.

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1.KastKing V15 Fishing Rod Holder

Salient Features

  • Stores up to 15 rods with reel
  •  Made of amorphous polymer material
  •  V grooves  for holding rods
  •  Groove can accommodate ½ inch rod
  •  Wall mounted vertical rack
  •  Easy to install with 3 mounting holes
  •  Resistant to heat and chemicals

The Kastking fishing rod holder is one of the innovative racks for storing fishing rods. It is best suited for a garage. This rack is mounted on the wall in a vertical position. The mounting holes and screws are provided for easy installation. Before installing the holder first of all, determine the height at which this holder is to be installed. Insert one screw in the hole and then balance the holder. After balancing the rack, tighten the screws to secure the rack.

This vertical rack is designed to store 15 fishing rods with a reel. Most of the racks don’t allow the storage of rods with reel. This is a patented design of rack which conveniently permits the storage of combo of rod plus reel in space of 18” only. The reel can be staggered at different heights to maximize the storage space.

The good thing is this rack has casted V grooves to hold the fishing rod. In order to store the rod, put it in the groove and lower it until the groove grips the rod tightly. These grooves can accommodate a rod of diameter up to ½ “. The removal of the rod from the storage rack is very easy. Tightly hold the rod near the rack and pull the rod out.

This innovative rack is made from high quality amorphous polymer material. This material has great resistance against heat, impact and chemicals. The grooves are casted from the thermoplastic material. It does not get rusting quickly. This delivers high durability and lasts for a longer period of time.

What We Like

  •  Vertical hanging
  •  Secure and safe storage
  • High storage capacity
  •  Easy to remove the rod
  •  Simple and quick installation
  •  Can withstand heat and impact
  • Long lasting

Things to Consider

  • Stagger the reel height to maximize the space
  •  Properly insert the rod in the groove to avoid sliding
  1. Rush Creek Creation 11 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Salient Features

  • Wall  mounting horizontal rack
  • Stores 11 rods with reel
  •  Deep groves
  •  Adjustable spacing
  •  Easy and simple assembly
  • Size of the rack is 27”L x 2.75”W x 1.65” H

The rush creek creation is the most popular brand for manufacturing of fishing rod racking. The creation 11 rack is made of high quality wooden material. It is mounted on the wall in a horizontal position. This design also supports ceiling installation. The assembly of this rack is really easy and can be quickly installed in a horizontal position.

The capacity of this high strength pole holder rack is 11 rods. The combo of rods and seal can be stored in this rack in alternate handle and tip position. This storage orientation increases the space for rods to be kept.

The good thing is this rack has a deep groove design. The deep grooves let you adjust the storage position of rods. This also ensures tight and secure holding of the rods. The spacing between bottom & top position can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the rods. This wooden rack is lightweight and comes in a beautiful American cherry color.

What We Like

  •  Beautiful wooden rack
  •  Horizontal & ceiling mounting
  •  High strength material
  •  High storage capacity
  • Space adjustment
  • Tight and secure holding

Things to Consider

  • Don’t overload the board
  1. Old Cedar Modular Rack for Fishing Poles

Salient Features

  •  Wooden made modular unit
  •  Additional racks can be added
  • Unit capacity is 8 rods with reel
  •  Beautiful fish design
  • Rubber clipping for holding & securing rods
  • Easy to assemble and mount

The Old Cedar is the leading manufacturer of storage racks. This modular unit is made of wood and coated with oak finish. The assembly of this unit is very easy. It is mounted in the vertical position. This rack can also be conveniently installed in a vertical position. The shape of the upper wooden plate is like a fish which enhances the beauty of the garage. This is a very addition to your garage space.

One unit of this rack can store up to 8 rods with the winding reel. The combo of rod & reel is tightly held by this unit. The rods are safe and secure in this vertical storage rack.

The good thing is this rod storage rack comes in modular shape. More racks can be easily added in the existing unit. The design of the rack is so flawless that additional racks are seamlessly integrated in the rack. It is an attractive way of storing as many rods and reels as you like.

This innovative rack is fitted with plastic clips. These clips can be easily removed or added as per requirement. These clips securely hold the fishing rods and prevent the scratching of the rod and reels.

What We Like

  • High quality wooden material
  • Provision for addition of more racks
  • Removable clips
  • Prevents scratching of rods
  • Securely hold the rods
  •  Capacity can be increased.

Things to Consider

  •  Chipboard material
  1. Rack’Em Fishing Rod Holder Rack

Salient Features

  •   Overhead mounting rack
  •   Store up to 12 rods with rods
  •   Made of high quality steel material
  •    Resistant to salt and sun rays
  •     Mounting hardware included
  •    Holds all types & sizes of rods
  •    Size of the rack is 28”L x 4”H x adjustable width

The Rack’Em storage rack is a uniquely designed rack for the fishing rods. It is mounted overhead with the ceiling. The installation of the rack is very with all the mounting hardware included with the product. The design of this rack is space saving as it is installed on the garage ceiling.

This unique rod rack is manufactured from the high quality alloy steel material. The frame is further powder coated to save rods from damage and scratches. 12 powder steel clips are fitted on this rack to securely hold 12 fishing rods easily. The rack conveniently protects and holds your precious rods.

The steel made storage rack comes in a length of 28 inches with a height of 4 inches. The width of this rack is adjustable. This feature allows you to store any type and size of fishing rod easily.

The good thing is this rack material effectively protects the rod against salt. The rack material also exhibits resistance against UV sun rays. This rack   design offers quick access to the stored rods.

What We Like

  • Stores and protects rods
  • Tightly holds the rods
  •  Prevents from scratching
  • Resistant against salt and sun rays
  •  Provides quick access
  •  Easy to install

Things to Consider

  •  A bit expensive
  • Stagger the rods for space efficiency
  1. Calamus Vertical Rod Holder

Salient Features

  • Vertical Mounted rack
  • Made of durable ABS material
  • Equipped with foam grip pads
  • Interlocking design
  •  Easy to install with included hardware
  •  Accommodates 0.28”-4” diameter rods

The Calamus fishing rod holder is a vertical style storage rack for the rods. It is installed on the wall of the garage. This rack comes in a pair and can be installed in a horizontal position as well. This is a great organizer of the rods and allows you to keep your fishing rods off the ground. The installation of this rack is very easy and convenient. All the necessary hardware is included with the product.

This high quality storage has the capacity to store up to 6 rods with a reel. This rack is designed in modular shape. The capacity of this rack can be easily increased by adding more rack can by interlocking. The interlocking design makes the addition of racks easier and convenient.

The good thing is this rack has been manufactured from the high quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material. This material is highly durable and last for a longer. The rack grooves are equipped with high quality foam. This foam material helps to prevent the scratching of the stored fishing rods.

The grooves are designed to accommodate the rods of diameter between 0.28”-4”. The rods are stored safely and securely in these grooves.

What We Like

  •  Durable and long lasting
  •  Easy to install
  •  More racks can be added
  •  Good storage capacity
  •  Prevents scratches and damages
  • Holds any kind of rods

Things to Consider

  •  Not good in horizontal position
  1. Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Rod Holder Rack

Salient Features

  •  Round shaped fishing pole holder
  •  Powder coated 38mm center steel rod
  •  2 piece wooden post
  •  Holds up to 16 poles
  •  Includes padded slot for handles
  •  Fitted with adjustable clips to hold rod
  •  6” extension post

This Rush Creek Creation storage rack for fishing rods comes in a round shape. It is a freestanding rack and can be placed anywhere in the garage. No assembly is required for the rod holder storage rack. This storage rack is designed in two parts. One part is the central post and the other one is a 2 piece wooden post to hold the rods. The capacity of this storage is 16 rods.

The central post of this rod is a powder steel bar of 38mm diameter. The base plate is provided to hold the handles of the rod while the central wooden post holds the rod through clips. The base grooves are padded to prevent the handles from getting scratches or damages. The clips are also made of soft material and keep the rod safe and secure.

The good thing is the rod holding clips are adjustable and can conveniently accommodate any size of fishing pole. The central steel bar is extended by 6” from the top wooden post. This permits to adjust the height of the rack to store the longer fishing poles easily.

What We Like

  • Store 16 rods
  • Made of high strength material
  • Last for longer period
  •  No assembly required
  •  Prevents scratches
  • Holds the rod securely & tightly
  • Adjustable height

Things to Consider

  • A bit smaller in size
  • Don’t push the rack to avoid falling
  1. Attwood 12761-7 Vertical Mount Fishing Rod Holder

Salient Features

  •  Comes in a set of 2
  • Installs vertically
  • Store up to 5-6 poles
  • Smaller slots tightly holds the rods
  • Prevent scratches to the fragile rods
  • Space saving rack
  •  Crisscross design

The Attwood 12761-7 rod storage rack is designed in crisscross position. This rack is installed in a vertical direction on the wall of the garage. The rods are stored in a horizontal position. The design of this rod storage rack is space saving and store more rods in lesser space. The installation of this unique rack is easy and simple.

The good thing is this rack can store up to 5-6 fishing rods efficiently. The rod hold grooves are relatively smaller ones. These smaller slots securely hold the rod and prevent sliding of the rods. These rods grooves are also made of soft material and prevent scratches and damages to the rods. The fragile fishing rods can be organized in an accessible way.

This rod storage rack occupies very less space and allows storage of more rods. It should be kept in mind that this storage rack is not suitable for pontoon boats.

What We Like

  • Space saving rack
  • Stores more rods in less space
  •  Securely holds the rod
  •  Prevents scratches and damages
  • Easy and simple installation

Things to Consider

  • Not suitable for pontoon boat
  1. YYST Horizontal Fishing Rods Storage Rack

Salient Features

  • Comes in a pack 4 horizontal racks
  • Stores up to 8 fishing rods
  •  Made of durable material
  •  Easy to install on the wall
  • This shelf type rack is easy to use

The YYST fishing rod storage rack comes in a pack of 4 racks. These racks are installed on the wall in a horizontal position. The installation of this rack is very easy and convenient. All the necessary hardware for installation is provided with the product. It is a very good option for a garage to store fishing rods.

The good thing is this 4 piece rack can store up to 8 rods easily. The rods are stored  without a reel. It is advised to store the rods in opposite directions to maximize the use of the space.  This shelf type rack is very easy to use. The rods are securely held on the rack.

This rack is made of durable material and lasts for a longer time. The material used is lightweight and can be easily lifted for installation purposes.

What We Like

  •  Good organizer of rods
  •  Lightweight and durable material
  •  Stores rods in safe manner
  •  Prevents scratches
  •  Avoids rusting
  • Easy to install

Things to Consider

  •  Rods spacing is very low
  1. Redneck Convert Fishing Pole Vertical Display Rack

Salient Features

  • Standing fishing pole storage rack
  • Stores up to 16 poles with reel
  • Suitable for all types of rods
  •  Size of the rack is 32”H x 17.5”L x 8”W
  • 1.5” diameter holder
  •  Made of plastic material

The Redneck covert storage rack for the fishing pole holder is a freestanding rack that can be placed anywhere in the garage. Two handles are beautifully carved on the both sides of the rack. These handles make the transportation and shifting of the rack easier. This standing rack is best suited for displaying the fishing poles. The assembly of this rack is also very simple, just follow the instructions and assemble the rack with provided hardware.

This freestanding rack is designed to store 16 fishing poles with reel. 8 poles are stored on either of the rack. The diameter of the pole holder is 1.5” which is enough to accommodate poles of any size and type. This rack securely holds the fishing poles and hiking sticks.

The good thing is this rack has been constructed from high quality plastic material. This material resists rusting and breaking and offers high durability. This plastic made rack comes in a beautiful fish design and is best suited for displaying fishing rods.

What We Like

  • Beautiful and decorative
  • High Storage capacity
  •  Holds any kind of pole
  •  Easy to assemble
  • Can be moved anywhere
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Resists rusting

Things to Consider

  • Carefully handle the support base to avoid breaking
  1. Rush Creek Creations 12 Fishing Rod Tackle Cart

Salient Features

  • Made of engineered wood
  • Rolling wheels for quick mobility
  • Stores up to rods
  • Easy to assemble with instructions
  •  Adjustable middle wire shelf
  •  Carbon fiber bottom & top pile
  •  Powder coated steel frame

This storage rack is made by Rush Creek Creation. This is designed in a tackle cart. It provides a great way to store fishing rods and bags. The assembly of this storage rack is simple and quick. It takes only 5-10 minutes to assemble the rack with the provided instructions.

The good thing is this rack comes in three shelves which helps to maximize the storage capacity of the rack. The middle is wired and its height can be adjusted to increase the storage. This high quality rack can conveniently store up to 12 fishing poles with reels of different kinds.

The rack is equipped with the caster wheels which is the unique feature of this rack. These wheels make the mobility of the rack easier and efficient. The rack is fitted with the beautiful carbon fiber weaves at the top and bottom. These weaves provide stability and balance to the rack. The slots and clips are fitted with the bottom & top weave to store the fishing rods.

The frame of this high quality rack is manufactured from powder coated steel material. This steel is resistant to the salty water and also prevents scratching of the fishing poles.

What We Like

  •   Store high number of poles
  •   Prevents scratching
  •  Easy to move
  •  Additional storage capacity
  •  Stable and balanced
  • Easy to assemble

Things to Consider

  • Rubber clips are much tight
  1. The Buying Guide

A wide range of fishing pole holders is available in the market. It is very tricky to select the right one for your needs. Following key factors can really help you to choose a good quality pole holder.

Mounting Style

Mounting style of pole holder is one of the most basic factors to consider while purchasing a suitable one for your needs. The pole holders come in different mounting styles. The most common mounting style includes; horizontal wall mounting, vertical wall mounting, ceiling mounting, freestanding and moving. The vertical wall mounting racks are relatively the most secure ones to store the fishing poles. It is also easier to store the poles horizontally on a wall mounted rack, but it is not the best way to secure the poles. The pole holding racks mounted on the ceiling are space saving and provide quick access as well. The freestanding can be placed anywhere in the garage. The movable storage racks make mobility easier and quicker. You must choose a right style storage rack for your garage needs.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the pole holder is the most important which actually determines style type and style of the rack for needs. The storage racks have different capacities depending on the type and size of the rack. The vertical wall mounted racks have one of the highest storage capacities of the fishing poles. The horizontal ones have relatively lower capacity to store fishing. It should also be noted that all the racks don’t support the storage of poles with reel. It must be checked before purchasing a suitable rack for your needs.

Scratch Resistant grooves

The poles are hung in the grooves or clips while the handle is kept in the slots. If the grooves are made of hard material then it can damage the surface of the pole and incur scratches. The grooves are either made of soft plastic material or these are padded with the high quality foam material to avoid scratching of the pole. This is a must check feature to protect the fishing pole.

Secure and tight Holding

The tight and secure holding of the pole is also necessary to save the poles. The grooves were made tighter and padded with the foam to avoid sliding or slipping of the poles. If a stored poles slides or slips during the storage then there are chances that it will get scratched and damaged. Groove holding design must also be checked before finalizing a rack for your garage.

Material of Construction

Material of construction of the storage rack is of utmost importance. The racks are manufactured from different materials like wood, steel, plastic and ABS. The material of the storage rack determines its durability and service life. The high strength materials last for a longer period of time and deliver high service life. Generally the steel made racks are of high strength; these racks are powder coated to make it scratch resistant. The strong material also resists breaking and deformation. You can choose a durable rack keeping in mind your needs and budget.

Resistant to Salt

Fishing is carried out in lakes, rivers or oceans. The poles are contaminated with the salt especially after fishing the sea. The pole holder material must be resistant to salt to avoid getting rusted and damaged. The powder steel and wood resist salt in an efficient manner.

Ease to Assemble

Generally the storage racks require very less assembly. Some racks are needed to be assembled to make them useful. The assembling instructions are also provided with the product. Hardware for the assembling of storage units is also included with the package. You should go for an easy to assemble storage rack instead of a complex one.

Expandable Design

Some of the storage racks are manufactured in the modular or interlocking design. This design allows you to add more racks in the unit. This type design is useful to enhance the storage capacity of the unit. This type of storage racks can be installed in different units and joined together to form a bigger rack. It allows you the cushion to save the space and increase the capacity, or occupy more space to enhance capacity at a single point.

  1. Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

The following frequently asked questions will be useful to understand the functions of the storage rack and also choose a better one for your needs.

  1. How is the pole holding rack installed?
  2. Generally the pole storage racks are installed on the wall in a vertical or horizontal position. These racks can also be installed with the ceiling to save the space. The vertically installed rack provides quick access to the poles. Freestanding and movable storage racks are also available in the market.
  3. Which type of rack has the most capacity?
  4. A. The capacity of the rack normally depends on the size and type of the rack. Generally the vertical wall mounted racks have higher storage capacities than the other storage racks. The capacity of modular or interlocking storage racks also is increased by adding more racks in the unit.
  5. How is the scratching of the poles prevented?
  6. The pole’s grooves or clips are made of soft plastic material to prevent the scratching of the pole. The grooves can also be padded with foam material to make scratch proof.
  7. Do the pole storage racks resist salt?
  8. Yes, every storage rack doesn’t resist the salt efficiently. The racks made of powder coated steel material efficiently resist the salt and don’t get damaged. The wooden and plastic racks also have the ability to withstand salt.
  9. The Final Word

The avid fishers have multiple fishing poles for every kind of fishing activity. Fishing pole holders are the best way to store the poles off the ground to protect the poles for a longer time. The pole storage rack can store several poles on a single rack.

We have reviewed and discussed 10 top rated fishing poles holders here. These holders are made of diverse materials and have slightly different features. This review is useful for multiple users.

We have also added a detailed buying guide for the pole holder. This will conveniently help you to narrow down your product to purchase a suitable pole storage rack.

We are really hopeful that you will find our article informative and useful. We are also sure that after reading our product review you will buy a best suited pole holder for your garage needs.


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