Heavy Duty Garage Door Screen

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A garage door screen is an extension to the garage opening that allows for the installation of a garden-style screen door inside the garage door.

This addition takes up the least amount of space feasible most manufacturers claim that their product requires less than 2 inches of clearance in the garage’s height.

It’s a little price to pay for the increased prospects.

These screens allow garages to be used as outdoor living spaces without the difficulties that come with that setting, as well as operate as an additional interior living room if needed, increasing square footage and home value.

Garage door screens aren’t something you’ll find on a lot of properties across the country. A few home improvement trendsetters, on the other hand, have invested in and lauded this revolutionary system.

They discuss the advantages vs. the low cost when compared to other home improvement projects.

Garage door screens have been dubbed a “lifestyle” product because they capture the attitudes and culture of those who are interested.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

7 Best Heavy Duty Garage Door Screen Reviews

Here are the following top 7 best heavy-duty garage door screens.

1. LIAMST Roll-up Garage Door Screen

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Salient Features
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 3.16 pounds
  • Size: 9*7 ft


LIAMST GARGAR DOOR SCREEN can be used to replace fixed screens in front, back, internal or external entry, terraces, porches, balconies, and other areas. Our screen is 3.4 LB in weight (1500 g).

The majority of fiberglass-like compounds on the market is nylon. They are not scratch-resistant or fire-resistant materials. The screen door mesh curtain closes considerably faster and quietly with the LIAMST magnetic screen door, which has strong magnetic points sewn in.

Magnetic door screen that doesn’t require your hands! It’s also great for your pets, which can come and go as they want. Allow for fresh air and sunlight to penetrate, and create a bright, breathable working atmosphere.

It is convenient for vehicles to drive in and out if the garage screen is rolled up and secured to the top of the garage.

The tearing-resistant glass fiber material of the screen is also light, breathable, corrosion-resistant, and attractive.

It’s the most appropriate size because most double garage doors are 9*7FT, we picked 9.3*7.15FT because there needs to be a tiny gap on both sides and top of the garage door when installing the screen door to prevent the product from being too small.

What We Like!
  • Magnetic Strip with Extra Strength
  • Attractive and breathable
  • Perfect entrance and exit for pets
Things to Consider!
  • A bit cheap, Not worthwhile

2. 2 Car Garage Screen Curtain

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Salient Features
  • Weight: 4.31 pounds
  • Size: 16*7 ft
  • Material: Fiberglass


LOOBANI Garage screen doors are normally one of the family’s must-haves, and they’re used to enter and exit the garage. These garage door screens are an excellent choice if you want to get a lot of natural light and fresh air.

The LOOBANI magnetic screen doors are easy to install and remove, and they provide a hands-free and self-sealing entrance and exit your garage, as well as an additional dust-free and comfortable space.

The mesh screen door is kept well and automatically closed thanks to the strong magnetic force and supergravity rod. People and pets are free to walk through. An extra gravity rod is added to each screen to aid enhance wind resistance.

The net features a double-door design and powerful magnets, allowing two automobiles to enter and escape at the same time.

High density, strong transmission, and an unobstructed vision are all features of the distinctive stripe design.

What We Like!
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps the fresh air in
  • Double-door design
  • Self-sealing entrance and exit
Things to Consider!
  • The magnets quality needs improvement

3. UnBugs Retractable Garage Screen Doors

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Salient Features
  • Style: Modern
  • Weight: 4.11 Pounds
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Usage: Inside


UnBugs Magnetic Screen Door has a full-frame attachment with 26 powerful magnets. With all that fresh air, no pesky flies or mosquitos can get in.

When you’re at home, make yourself at ease! And you’ll be bug-free. UnBugs magnetic screen doors keep your loved ones secure and comfortable.

Make your home or garage the best place to be. Enjoy the sunshine, breeze, and fresh air. You’ll be able to keep the fresh air in while keeping the pests out thanks to a combination of strong magnetic and carefully designed mesh openings.

You may rest easy knowing that the setup of this garage door screen is very simple. You’ll get everything you need to swiftly install it on both wood and metal frames, including the optional safety tacks and a roll of hook and loop fastening strip.

Simply follow the simple video tutorial provided, and then relax and enjoy your house like never before.

Your new screen door will see a lot of action. It’s best if your mesh door screen is this heavy-duty model, which our customers have re-used year after year.

We’re convinced you’ll love our items, and our “Bugs-Not-Invited” Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Policy ensure your complete satisfaction.

What We Like!
  • Doesn’t let the bugs enter
  • Children and pets are welcome
  • Magnetic Closure doesn’t Require Your Hands
  • Easy and simple to setup
Things to Consider!
  • Stitching is not good

4. PICK FOR LIFE Garage Door Screen

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Salient Features
  • Weight: 5.19 Pounds
  • Size: 16x7Ft
  • Material: Fiberglass


The PICK FOR LIFE Magnetic Screen Door Net allows fresh air in while allowing your child and pets to freely wander through, making your life more comfortable and convenient.

This garage screen door net is a fantastic way to enjoy the wind while keeping unwanted animals out of your garage while still allowing you and your canine buddy to pass through.

Moreover, it has a premium fiberglass mesh curtain design which is more durable than polyester. The wind resistance of the screen was improved by adding extra gravity sticks to the bottom sides.

You can roll up the screen and fix it to the top by using strapping tapes at the top. When not in use, roll the garage screens out of the way.

Better Sealing and Easier Installation It only takes a few minutes to personalize and set up the design is built on magnetic seals that don’t make any noise, allowing them to close faster, quieter, and closer.

What We Like!
  • Easy installation by yourself
  • Design that is unique
  • Quality fiberglass premium
  • Extra gravity sticks to promote wind resistance
Things to Consider!
  • A bit pricy
  • Heavier at bottom

5. Yehgus Fiberglass Magnetic Garage Screen Door

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Salient Features
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 4.42 Pounds
  • Size: 16.3*7Ft


Instead of polyester, the Yehgus Fiberglass Magnetic Garage Door Screen is made using extremely long-lasting fiberglass. Breathable, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, and in good form, this item is built to last.

Built with 38 strong magnetic points and three sets of gravity sticks in the bottom, the screen curtain will close instantly.

The screen further integrates Thumbtacks and Super Upgrade Velcro, adhesion Durable tape that does not fall off. The Yehgus door screen is suitable for garages measuring 16x7FT All door sizes are compatible!

It is also suitable for front and back entrances, terraces, porches, and terraces, and can be used to replace fixed screen windows. If you have any problems, we provide a full money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Enjoy outdoor activities in the garage with garage screen net seals around the entire edge of the garage door.

Allowing for natural airflow while preventing bothersome flying debris from entering the house your garage will be ventilated and brightened with the use of a screen net.

The Velcro fastener Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes without the use of any tools.

What We Like!
  • Build to last longer
  • Easy to set up and roll up
  • Breathable and corrosion-resistant
  • Money-back guarantee in case of any issue
Things to Consider!
  • Bottom weights should be more durable

6. LIAMST Magnetic Door Screen for Double Garage Doors

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Salient Features
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • Size: 16*7


Another product from LIAMST brand is meant for 2 cars garage, This one is also made using high-density fiberglass mesh but is more durable and heavy than the previous model and is more spacious too.

There is no wind passage or gap in the door screen as it is tightened with 28 powerful magnets. This door screen is long-lasting, frameless, easily removable in the off-season for storage.

It is sewn with 6 strapping tapes to make vehicles’ entrance and exit easy.

Moreover, the middle is designed using a robust magnetic iron magnet and the bottom is overweighted with iron, making a perfect match for a garage that remains busy with pets, children, and vehicles.

The door screen is also surrounded with magic tape that enhances the load-bearing capacity. You can easily and fastly install the LIAMST door screen in your garage within a few minutes.

What We Like!
  • Pet-Friendly and Hands-Free
  • Installation is easy
  • Allows fresh air to come in
  • The screen can be rolled up for vehicles passage
  • Removable and storage-friendly
Things to Consider!
  • No extra strap

7. AURELIO TECH Magnetic Garage Door Screen

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Salient Features
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 3.47 Pounds
  • Size: 16×7′


The AURELIO TECH Magnetic Door Screen can be a perfect fit for your garage as this16x7FT double garage door net screen can be used in place of a fixed screen for the front, back, interior, or exterior entry, patio, deck, porch, balcony, and other applications.

It is designed using strong fiberglass mesh that is tear-resistant, fire-resistant, transmitting, ventilating, corrosion-resistant, and in good shape.

It features thumbtacks and hooks loop sticky strips for improved security. The Aurelio Tech garage door screen is ideal for use as a pet screen door as well as a high-traffic entrance to your home.

The premium fiberglass garage screen net’s middle seam is lined with strong magnets that keep the best seal and closure while allowing it to open easily.

In the garage, you and your pets can now engage in outdoor activities. Install in a few minutes with the included hook and loop strap, which is very convenient and quick.

Additional push pins increase the safety and strength of the system. The retractable, frameless, detachable screen mesh can be twisted and folded up for off-season storage.

What We Like!
  • Easy to install
  • Safety and strength promising push pins
  • Extra Gravity Sticks
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Foldable design for off-season storage
Things to Consider!
  • The magnetic quality should be improved
  • Uneven weight from the bottom

Buying Guide For Heavy Duty Garage Door Screen

It is vital for homeowners to install the best garage door screens. It increases the garage’s resale value while also making the space more practical.

A privacy screen makes the space easy to use because you do not have to worry about the heavy garage door coming on your way all the time.

Choosing the right one for your garage can be a difficult task for you, so we have quoted below some important factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.


High-quality material should be used to construct a nice garage door screen. Although polyester door screens are available, fiberglass is the most popular material for garage door screens. Because it is heavy-duty and long-lasting, fiberglass is the finest quality material.


The size of the screen is determined by the size of your garage door. When purchasing a garage door screen online, you must first determine the size of your garage.

It will assist you in purchasing a screen that is a perfect fit for your room. The space on the garage door will not look neat if it does not fit well. Depending on the size of your garage door, you may need to get a customized size.


A decent garage door screen should allow air to pass through. It’s a good idea to get a garage door screen that lets air in. The purpose of a door screen is to make the garage space more comfortable to use or work out in.

A breathable door screen will help you save money on cooling costs by eliminating the need for fans in the space.

Simple Installation

When looking for a garage door screen, ease of installation is crucial. You should choose an easy-to-install screen door so that you do not have to employ someone to do it for you. Fortunately, the majority of screen doors come with an installation kit that includes everything you’ll need. The kit includes hooks and tapes to help you quickly and easily install the door.


Garage screens are useful doors that would provide seclusion while allowing you to swing open your garage doors when you need them, and they usually fit with your existing garage doors. There’s no excuse not to have one because they’re simple to install and maintain.

Before investing your money review this article for purchasing the best heavy duty door garage screen. We researched and choose top screens for garage doors. Pros and cons are mentioned above.

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Here are a few FAQ’s that will help you further dig in;

What is the Best Heavy Duty Garage Door Screen?

Here is my list of top rated garage door screens;

  1. LIAMST Roll-up Garage Door Screen
  2. 2 Car Garage Screen Curtain
  3. UnBugs Retractable Garage Screen Doors
  4. PICK FOR LIFE Garage Door Screen
  5. Yehgus Fiberglass Magnetic Garage Screen Door
  6. LIAMST Magnetic Door Screen for Double Garage Doors
  7. AURELIO TECH Magnetic Garage Door Screen

Is the screen on the inside of the garage door or on the outside?

The screen is attached to the garage door from the outside.

Is it possible for chipmunks to get through the bottom?

Yes, they are quite intelligent. They might be able to learn to press on it and force their way in. However, if you already have a problem with them entering the open garage, they will most likely try to push the screen open and enter.

How Wide should be a 2 car garage door screen?

The 2-car garage door screen should be 16 feet wide and 7 feet in length.

How much does a screen garage door cost?

50$ to 500$ that depends on your needs.

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