How to Get a Chipmunk Out of Your Garage?

Chipmunk belongs to the squirrel family. But these are smaller than squirrels in size.

The chipmunks are adorable mammals and are mostly found in the United States. Irrespective of their beautiful looks, the chipmunks can play havoc in your home garden or garage.

The chipmunks can dig burrows in your garage that can reach up to the foundation of the garage. This can be detrimental for the garage and home.

The chipmunks can survive on insects, plants, nuts, and leftover food. The chipmunks normally hibernate in winter and store their food in the summer.

The chipmunks use the store stockpile of food during the winter. The chipmunks don’t reside in the burrows during the winter; rather they look for a warm place to hibernate.

Most of the people don’t clean their garages regularly and store a lot of redundant material over there. This gives a lot of space for the chipmunk to hide.

The chipmunks don’t get noticed in the garage as the folks only use the garage for parking and repairing their vehicles. The garages are also relatively warmer; this gives warmth to the hibernating chipmunks.

Getting rid of chipmunks is necessary to keep the garage safe, and tidy. Here we are going to deliberate on the key methods to get chipmunks out of your garage.  Let us start our discussion on these methods.

Why do the Chipmunks Like to live in a Garage?

Chipmunks like to live in the garage due to easy food and convenient shelter. The chipmunks run away from the cold and hibernate during the winter season.

They gather a lot of imperishable food during the summer and store it in their burrows or caves. The chipmunks hide around the warm place. The garages are equipped with appropriate heat to keep the place warm and comfortable during the winter.

Another benefit of a garage is that they can easily store the stockpile of their food in any stored material. They are too small to be noticed quickly. They can also have access to additional supplies of food around the garages. They can dig caves in the garage or form nests at any suitable place.

The chipmunks also like to eat flowers, plants, and nuts. They can have a lot of these foods in your garden not far away from your garage. The chipmunks also like to attack mice which they find easily in your garage.

The chipmunks don’t make any noise, they gently warn about the threat by making shrill chirping. So a warm place to hide and an uninterrupted food supply are two main reasons that attract chipmunks in the garages.

Problems Posed by Chipmunks

The chipmunks appear very cute but they are really dangerous for your garage. They can cause severe damage to your garage building and vehicle stored in the garage if you don’t notice these small beautiful species. They are very swift and destructive in nature.

The chipmunks like to hide away during the harsh cold weather. They find a warm place to sleep comfortably. So during the summer, they collect food and during the winter eat up that gathered a stockpile of food.

The chipmunks normally don’t nest in the garage, they look for an appropriate place to live and sleep in the junk of the garage.

If necessary they can dip up larger holes in the garage foundations that can cause serious damage to the garage building structure. They quickly dig the hole to store their food.

The chipmunks also attack the cars parked in the garage. The cars remain hot for some time even after turning off the engine. The chipmunks enter the car’s engine area and get themselves warm for a sound sleep.

The chipmunks find the car wiring an interesting place to hide. They like to chew cables and can cause damage to the wiring system of the cars resulting in a lot of problems.

The chipmunks also like to eat flowers and plants in your garden and can literally ruin your garden. So it is necessary to find chipmunks and get them out of your garage.

How to find Chipmunks Infestation?

The chipmunks are so small in size that they can easily avoid your attention. The normal size of the chipmunks ranges between 9-11 inches. The chipmunks also have long tails.

They are normally quiet; they don’t make a lot of noise. They like to chirp in case of any threat. The chipmunks are swift in their movements.

They also like to reside in the dark and warm corners. You must look for the chipmunks in these warm and dark corners. You must also pay attention to the chirping of chipmunks to find them. The long tail of chipmunks can also be located easily.

Chipmunks almost eat everything and leave some signs that help you to find out the whereabouts of chipmunks. The chipmunks’ hideouts can be identified by inspecting the following signs.

They leave empty shells of nuts, sunflowers, and other dry fruits. They also form nests, caves, and burrows. They also ruin the car wirings and other objects.

Chipmunks leave their footprints as well. The chipmunks like to chirp in case of threat or any danger. The chipmunks also attacked the unattended food.

Once you have discovered the presence of chipmunks in your garage. You can easily get rid of chipmunks by one of the following methods.

Chipmunks Repellent Methods for Garage

The chipmunks are not easy to remove. You can easily get rid of chipmunks if you have found the proper hiding place of the chipmunks.

We have highlighted the diverse methods to get out the chipmunk from your garage. First, we will discuss the natural ways to remove the chipmunks then we will light some of the artificial repellents to get rid of chipmunks.

Using of Cat Litter

The chipmunks are afraid of cats. They don’t like cats and run away from the cats. These cats attack these little chipmunks. The cats enjoy eating the cute chipmunks.

The chipmunks are also attacked by the foxes, coyotes, and owls. You can place cat litter to get rid of these small mammals. The chipmunks will flee by sensing the cat litter. The cat litter is one of the best options to remove chipmunks from your garage naturally.

Using Coffee Grounds

The chipmunks don’t like the smell of the coffee. The coffee grounds are another best way to prevent the hiding of small chipmunks in your garage.

The chipmunks find the food after sensing with their nose. The irritating smell of coffee grounds will force the chipmunks to run away from the place.

You can easily purchase the coffee grounds from the nearest coffee café. You can sprinkle the coffee grounds at the places where you have identified the hideout of chipmunks.

Due to the strong coffee scent, the chipmunks will move away. You should spread the coffee grounds to quickly get rid of chipmunks. This is another natural way to get the chipmunks out of the garage.

Use of Mothballs

Using mothballs to remove chipmunks from the garage is also a very good idea. The mothballs discharge a chemical that emits a toxic smell.

The chipmunks don’t like the chemical odor and hence flee away from the place. The chipmunks are really sensitive to the chemical’s irritating smell.

The mothball odor is a cost effective method to get rid of dangerous chipmunks. The scent of the mothballs quickly spread in the tight corners where the chipmunks can potentially hide.

The mothball smell is really poisonous and should not be allowed to spray in the living area of your home. It can be fatal for you and your kids. You can try another natural way to get the chipmunks out of your garage.

Use of Juicy Fruit Gum

Using juicy fruit gum is another viable option to throw the chipmunks away from your garage. The chipmunks are sensitive to the fragrance.

The pleasant scent of the fruits appeals to the chipmunks, but they get trapped with the gum that is stuck in their intestinal system and can die as well.

The juicy fruit gum is easily available in the market and you can purchase the same from any market. Remove the wrap of the juicy fruit gum and stick to the potential residential area of chipmunks. The juicy fruit gum should be fixed around the garage to attract the chipmunks.

The effectiveness of juicy fruit gum to remove chipmunks is different for different users. Some people believe that the juicy fruit gum works conveniently to get rid of chipmunks while some others have negative reviews about the use of juicy fruit gum for the removal of chipmunks.

You can also use other methods to avoid the use of juicy fruit gum. The use of juicy fruit gum to get chipmunks out of the garage should be used as a last resort.

Using Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can also be used for the removal of chipmunks. Peppermint oil is readily available in the market. The insects, bugs, and even muses were attracted to this oil. The peppermint oil effectively traps the chipmunks and helps to remove the chipmunks.

Two to three drops of peppermint oil are mixed in a cup of water to apply in the garage. The oil mixed water is sprayed or sprinkled over the chipmunk’s nest, burrows, and caves. The mixed oil should be applied daily until the chipmunks are removed.

The peppermint oil can be allergic by pets. So it should not be used in the area where pets reside or roam.

Use of Cayenne Pepper

The chipmunks are also sensitive to the unpleasant smell of cayenne pepper. This pepper is used to cook daily meals and is almost available in every home.

You can also purchase this pepper from the market. The cayenne pepper emits an odor the chipmunks really don’t and flees away from the site as soon as they sense this smell.

The use of cayenne pepper for the removal of chipmunks is very easy. Grind some amount of cayenne pepper, mix it with the water, and put it in the bottle.

Then spray this pepper mixed with water on the chipmunk’s nests and burrows. The chipmunks flee the place where this mixture is sprayed.

The spray should also be sprinkled at all the entry points and holes of the garage to get rid of chipmunks. The cayenne pepper spray is a cost effective home based remedy to repel the chipmunks from your garage.

Liquid Repellents

Readymade repellents are available in the market to get rid of rodents, bugs, and squirrels. These liquid repellents are also effective for the removal of chipmunks.

You don’t have to look for chipmunks’ specific liquid repellents. Different types of liquid repellents are being sold on amazon. The use of proper liquid repellents to get the chipmunks out of your garage, these are also cost effective and saves time as well preparing a suitable liquid repellent at home.

Dry Repellents

Some people don’t like the use of liquid repellents. They can consider using the dry repellent to drive away from the chipmunks from your garage.

Again you will not have any chipmunks specific dry repellent to remove them. You can use rodent repellents for this purpose as well.

These can be conveniently applied at the chipmunk’s caves and burrows. Furthermore, these are not harmful to humans and pets.

Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic pulses are also an excellent option to remove the chipmunks from your garage or garden. The ultrasonic pulses are installed in the garden or at a suitable place in the garage.

It should be kept in mind that all the ultrasonic pulses are not useful to get the chipmunks out of your garage. You must check out a guideline to choose the best ultrasonic to remove the chipmunks from your garage.

The ultrasonic pulses used to remove the rodents can be a very good option to throw away the chipmunks from your garage.

Prevention Tips

We have deliberated different methods to remove chipmunks from your garage. These methods work effectively. Here we are going to highlight some preventive techniques that will help to keep the chipmunks out of your garage.

Keeping the Garage Tidy

A garage is a place where we store a lot of unimportant and redundant material. As discussed earlier, chipmunks like to stay in a warm place where they can hide and have a comfortable sleep.

This store material can be a very hideout for chipmunks. The chipmunks make nests in this junk material and store their food as well.

We can conveniently keep the chipmunks out of our garage by cleaning the garage regularly. We should also stack the redundant material properly. We should remove visible nests or burrows formed by these small mammals.

Remove the Bird Feeder

Chipmunks eat almost everything available. Birdfeeder is an excellent source of food for chipmunks. The chipmunks enjoy tasty food meant for the birds.

They can easily enter the birdfeeder and eat up all the food also hide them without being noticed. So it is necessary to remove the birdfeeder completely.

If the removal of the bird feeder is not needed, you can change the bird feeder. You can easily buy an advanced birdfeeder that effectively denies the entry of chipmunks.

Cut off the Source of Food Supply

Chipmunks can easily get food in the garage. Chipmunks can have easy access to ripe fruits nearby, they can eat fruit. Chipmunks can also eat nearby flowers and plants which is also a very good source of food for the chipmunks.

It is imperative to cut off the source of food supply around the garage to keep the chipmunks out of the garage.


The chipmunks can cause serious damage to the foundations of the garage. Fencing is also the best technique to keep the chipmunks out of your garage.

The specially designed L-shaped fence necessarily blocks the entry chipmunks in the garage. This type of fencing can easily be installed around the garage and at any hole or drainage point to avoid the passage of chipmunks in the garage.

The Final Word

The chipmunks are beautiful small species that can cause serious damage to the garage if these are allowed to grow in the garage. The chipmunks can dig long tunnels and burrows in the garage. This can be detrimental to the garage building foundation. The removal of chipmunks from the garage is thus necessary.

We can get rid of chipmunks naturally by placing cat litter in the garage at the chipmunk’s hideout. We can also drive these small mammals out of the garage by sprinkling peppermint oil or cayenne pepper spray over the garage corners and dark places. Chipmunks also don’t like the smell of coffee grounds. We can also use readymade liquid or powder repellent to throw the chipmunks away from the garage. Ultrasonic pulses also help us to expel the chipmunks out of the garage. We can avoid the entry of chipmunks by erecting fences around the garage. Keeping the garage neat and clean also helps to prevent the entry of chipmunks.

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