Portable Car Lift for Home Garages

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As the technology is advancing more and more innovative models of cars are being launched. People love to have multiple cars of different brands.

With the increase of vehicles the parking space in the garage gets limited. The car owners even rent a space to store their additional cars. The other option can be a portable car lift.

A portable car lift for the home garage not only offers additional storage space, but it also makes the maintenance of vehicles easier.

Car lifts come in a wide range of designs and types. The most common ones include two post car lifts, four car lifts, scissor type lifts, parallelogram lifts, and in-ground lifts.

Repairing and servicing the cars can conveniently be carried out by using these lifts. This is an excellent tool to secure your vehicle. It easily fits in the trunk of the vehicle and can also be carried along with you on a long journey.

A well-built lift increases safety, accessibility, and convenience. Every lift is made with the same quality and standard. Attention must be given to the performance, adaptability, durability, and strength of lift.

To make the selection of the lift easier for your home garage, we have evaluated here some of the best portable lifts after analyzing tons of customer reviews.


Here are my recommended products picked out through amazon; you would be interested in depending on your budget…

Best Value
APlusLift HW-10KOH 10,000LB Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist...
APlusLift HW-10KOH 10,000LB Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist...
Industry Leading 3 YEAR WARRANTY for All Parts (Additional $499 Value); Combo (Symmetrical and Asymmetrical) Arm Assembly with Adjustable Screw Pads!
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Car Auto Lift...
TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Car Auto Lift...
Overall Height   84"; Overall Length   175"; Drive Through Width   93"; Runway Length   165"

7 Portable Car Lift for Home Garages Reviews

Here is a list of top rated portable lifts as per my recommendations;

1. APlusLift Portable Car Lift for Home Garage

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Salient Features
  • 4 post car lift
  • Lifting capacity 8000 pounds
  • 1.5 HP Hydraulic power unit
  • Powder coated steel material
  • Includes free caster kit, tool dray, drip drays & approach ramps
  • Drive through width 99”
  • Lifting height is 82”
  • The size is 190”x112”x94”


APlusLift is one of the most popular brands for making portable car lifts. The HW-8SLT design is an auto car lift having 4 posts/poles.

This model has been in use for over 30 years and is well tested for performance and durability. Its overall dimensions are 190”x112”x94” which is comparatively longer and wider than the other similar models.

This portable lift is made of heavy duty steel material that is powder coated to avoid rusting and chipping. The load capacity of this high strength lift is 8000 pounds.

It can be conveniently used for parking, servicing, and storage of vehicles.

This innovative design of lift allows the car to drive through, the width for drive through is 99 inches. Two approaches ramps are provided for this purpose.

The best thing about this heavy duty portable lift is it has a 1.5 HP hydraulic pump which makes its operation further easier.  Auto hoist is another good feature of this lift.

The vehicle can be lifted up to a height of 82”. This height is more than enough to undertake repair works.

Caster kit is also fitted with this lifting mechanism. This kit includes polyurethane wheels that allow moving the lift around the garage easily.

Tool tray is also provided with this product. You can put all your tools in the tray and quickly access them at the time of requirement.

During the servicing and repair, a lot of oil can spill from the vehicle. Drip trays are included to collect all the oil and fluids and prevent dripping on the floor surface.

Sliding jacks can also be added with the lift. The lift structure and hydraulic pump are listed with CE for safe operation.

What We Like!
  • Balanced and stable
  • High strength and durable
  • Lift heavy load
  • Easy to operate with pump
  • Prevents oil dripping
  • Hold the vehicle securely
  • Drive through
  • Moveable
Things to Consider!
  • Read the instructions before assembling

2. BendPak Mid Rise Portable Car Lift

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Salient Features
  • Mid-rise scissor type lift
  • Electric motor with Portable cart
  • Adjustable arm assemblies
  • Multi position safety lock
  • Load bearing capacity 6000 pounds
  • Lifting height 48-53 inches
  • Width 40 inches
  • Dropped height 4 ¾ inches


The BendPak MD-6XP is a mid-rise scissor type portable lift. It is best suited to perform servicing and repairing on the small trucks and cars.

It is operated with an electric motor. The motor is fixed in a portable cart that serves as a handle to quickly lift and lower the lift. This electric motor is compatible to run on both 110 & 220 volts supply.

It makes the operation and lift of the lift much easier.

This small lift occupies very little space in the garage and doesn’t pose a hurdle during the working. Its width is only 40” and can be placed anywhere in the garage.

Its maximum lifting height is 53-48 inches and it lifts to its full height in only 43 seconds. The dropped height of this lift is 4 ¾ inches.

The best thing about this portable lift is it has multi position safety locks. The adjustable arm assemblies allow you to fix the lift at any appropriate height and lock the position for doing maintenance work.

This portable lift is made of high quality material and can conveniently withstand a load of 6000 pounds. A free truck adaptor is also included with the package.

What We Like!
  • Easy to shift
  • Multiple safety locks
  • Adjustable height
  • Bears a good heavy load
  • Quickly lifts and lowers
  • Space efficient
Things to Consider!
  • Suitable for small vehicles only

3. Triumph Car Lifts for Residential Garages

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Salient Features
  • 4 post portable lift
  • Load bearing capacity 8000 pounds
  • Two vehicle storage
  • Drive through
  •  Runway length 165”, width 18”
  • Lifting height 72” above & 69” below runway
  • Power unit with steel oil tank
  • Caster kit and drip trays


The Triumph NSS-8 is a reliable and time tested portable car lift. Its structure is manufactured from heavy duty steel material. This well-built unit can efficiently endure a load of up to 8000 pound.

You can drive through the vehicle. The drive through width is 93”. The runway length is 165” and width is 18” which is enough for cars and trucks. It can be easily used for both servicing and storage of vehicles.

This robust lift is designed to allow parking of two vehicles at the same time. One car is parked above the lift while the other one is stored under it.

Vehicles can be stored for a long time on this lift. The sturdy 5/16” rods are used for locking the lift instead of low diameter pins. The approach ramps are built from lightweight aluminum allowing you to shift the ramps easily and quickly.

A high performing power unit is attached to this lift to smoothly operate this portable lift. A high quality three pin plug is provided to quickly connect to the power supply.

Steel made oil is also included with the power unit to prevent the oil leakage.

Caster kit is attached with this portable lift to easily move the lift across the garage. Caster wheels can be not used during the use of this lift.

Three plastic made drip trays are also provided with this product to collect the dripping oil. This helps to keep the floor surface neat and clean.

A metal jack tray is also fitted for holding a floor jack.

What We Like!
  • Stores two vehicles simultaneously
  • Bears a heavy load
  • Prevents oil dripping
  • Easy mobility
  • Used for servicing and parking
  • Smoothly operates
  • Suitable for trucks and cars
Things to Consider!
  • Don’t move while the lift is used

4. Dannmar SX-6/XL Portable mid Rise Lift

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Salient Features
  • Mid-size scissor type lift
  • Load bearing capacity 6000 pounds
  • Adjustable arm assemblies
  • Multiple safety locking positions
  • Lifting height 36 inches
  • Dropped height 5 inches
  • Electric motor with cart


The Dannmar SX-6/XL portable list is a mid-rise scissor type lift that is very easy to operate and install. It is manufactured from heavy duty steel material.

This high strength lift perfectly fits the smaller bays. This lifting machine can be conveniently used for home garages to undertake the vehicle servicing of small trucks and cars.

The good thing about this lift is it can efficiently withstand a load of 6000 pounds. An electric motor is provided with this lift for easy and smooth operations.

The motor is attached to a portable cart which works as a handle to quickly move the lift around.

This robust lift is designed to provide maximum safety while in use. It allows multiple locking positions to better suit your repair and servicing needs.

Adjustable arm assemblies are also provided with the unit to change the height as per requirement. The maximum lifting height of this lift is 36 inches.

This height enhances to 39 inches with the lifting blocks. The dropped height of this portable lift is only 5 inches. You can easily put this equipment in the trunk of the car and can be carried along on a visit or trip.

What We Like!
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • Can be moved around
  • Adjustable height
  • Small folded size
  • Bears heavy loads
Things to Consider!
  • Suitable for smaller vehicles only
  • Does not move on asphalt

5. APlusLift 2 Post Car Lifts for Home Garage

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Salient Features
  • Bears a load up to 10000 pounds
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical arm assembly
  • Constructed from heavy duty steel
  • Dual mode hydraulic system
  • Maximum Lifting height 81”
  • 3 HP single phase motor
  • Double point safety lock
  • A relief valve prevents overloading of pump


The HW-10 KOH is another highly rated two post portable lift by APlusLift. It is especially constructed from heavy duty steel material.

This design of car lift includes a double “S ” column which has an extra high durability and lasts for a longer period of time. The thickness of the heavy duty column is 13/64”, while the thickness of arms is 15/64” which is more than the competing structures.

The carriage frame is built from Q355 steel material which is way stronger than the normal Q235 steel.

This strongly built portable lift is operated by a dual hydraulic system that is connected to a 3 HP single phase motor. It can efficiently bear a load of 10,000 pounds.

A built-in relief valve is provided with the power system to prevent the overloading. This system can lift the car up to maximum height of 81” with the truck adaptors.

Without adaptors the lifting height is 75”. At this lifting height a technician can easily sneak through the underneath of the vehicle and rectify the problems.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical arm assembly is the unique feature of this portable lift. This allows a 3 stage front/rear reach from 22 7/8” to 42 5/8”.

A 2 stage rear reach from 33 5/8” to 52 7/8” is also permitted.  Screw in pads are provided for this purpose. 4 piece truck adaptors are also included with this package.

Multiple safety mechanisms are also provided with this portable for smoothly running. Double point lock release provides safety against falling or collapsing.

An automatic arm lock keeps the vehicle in place. The Relief valve prevents the power system from overheating. Rubber protection is provided to avoid scratches on the doors.

The steel cable of 3/8” diameter reduces the stress and delivers high durability.

What We Like!
  • Heavy duty and durable material
  • Multiple  safety locking
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Variable lifting height
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Prevents overheating
  • Avoid scratches
  • Suitable for servicing and storage
Things to Consider!
  • Operating instructions are not up to the mark

6. VivoHome Scissor Type Lift Jack

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Salient Features
  • Heavy duty steel structure
  • Bears a load of 1100 pounds
  • Rubber padded top surface avoid scratches
  • Crank handle for easy operation
  • Lifting height 14.5”
  • Works well with heavy duty bikes
  • Adjustable plates


The VivoHome portable lift is a scissor type portable jack. It is specifically designed for lifting heavy bikes. This portable lift works best with cruisers, trikes, ATVs, UTVs and can-Am Spyders motorcycle models.

It is best to carry out repairs of bikes. Smaller cars can also be lifted with the lift at home. This lifting mechanism can endure a load of 1100 pound and is perfect to use for garage needs.

The design includes a 14.4” x 9” rubber padded top surface. The stripped rubber surface helps to prevent slipping and also avoids scratches on the body of the bikes.

It also provides a larger area for serving and repairing the bikes.

The good thing is it has a hand crack for easy operation. The hand crack can be moved to adjust the height of the top plate form. It can be lifted up to a height of 14.5”.

This operating handle is fitted with two removable screws. By removing these screws the handle automatically rotates and saves a lot of energy.

This portable lift is also fitted with two parallel plate forms of the same size. These plate forms not only help to lift these bikes, they also provide stability.

The material of construction of this lift is reliable and lasts for a longer time.

What We Like!
  • Bears medium range load
  • Provides balance and stability
  • Reliable and durable material
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable height
  • Prevents scratches
Things to Consider!
  • Suitable for bikes and smaller cars only
  • Tight the connections properly before use

7. Ranger BL-7000 SLX Portable Car Lifting System

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Salient Features
  • Manufactured from steel and rubber
  • Bears a load of 7000 pounds
  • Dual position automatic safety lock
  • Easy to operate with hand pendant control
  • Lifts up to 24” inches
  • Raises to maximum height in 1 minute
  • Rubber trays to collect dripping oil
  • Collapsed size can be stored in car trunk


The Ranger BL-7000 SLX portable lifting mechanism is an excellent choice to carry out servicing and repairing of vehicles. It has the capacity to efficiently lift a load of 7000 pound.

The car is lifted to such a height that the bottom of the vehicle is clearly visible for working. This innovative lift can be used on and off the track. You can conveniently use this system in the garage.

The good thing is a remote hand pendant is provided with this product to quickly operate this system. Simply push the button and the lift will be raised.

Another good thing is it lifts to a maximum height in only 1 minute. The maximum lifting height of this mechanism is 24 inches.

The best feature of this design is a dual position automatic safety lock. This safety protection helps to keep the vehicle in its position and prevent slipping or slipping.

The safety locking can be disengaged by a quick flipping lock bar.

The ranger portable lift also includes a steel reinforced upper box frame. This frame is connected with rubber blocks through a cantilever.

The cantilever allows increasing the reach of the frame. The rubber trays attached with this frame collect the dripping oil and prevent scattering of oil on the floor surface.

Bear in your mind that additional adaptors for trucks and SUVs are not provided with this product.

What We Like!
  • Bears heavy loads
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • Extended reach
  • Smaller and compact size
  • Suitable for serving of vehicles
  • Used on and off the track
  • Prevents oil dripping
Things to Consider!
  • Truck adaptors are not provided

Buying Guide | Best Car Lift for Home Garage

A portable lifting system for the home garage makes the maintenance and storage of vehicles easier and more convenient. Multiple designs of portable lifts are available in the market.

The following key factors can help you to choose the best one for your garage needs.

Design and type

The portable car lifts are available in multiple designs to cater to the needs of different customers. The most popular types include; four-post lifts, two post lifts, parking lifts, scissor type lifts, and in-ground lifts.

The four and two post car lifts are the most sturdy and heavy ones. These lifts raise your garage to an entirely new level. The 2 post lifts have two arms while the 4 post ones have four arms.

The installation of these lifts is permanent as they are bolted on the garage floor surface with the help of anchor bolts. The load bearing capacity of these is also very high.

The scissor type lifts are the mid-range ones which are installed under the vehicle to carry out the servicing and maintenance. The in-ground lifts are also similar to the scissor types. Both these lifts can be easily moved around. You can choose the best suited design keeping in mind your vehicle type and garage needs.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is the key factor that actually determines the type of the car lift needed. You must check the load bearing capacity of the portable lift before finalizing the product.

The scissor type lifts are the mid-range ones and these can conveniently endure a load of around 5000-6000 pound. The two post lifts are designed for bearing a load of 7000-8000 pound while the four post lifts have the load capacities much higher.

These can easily raise a vehicle of having a load capacity around 10000 pounds. These are useful for trucks and heavy duty SUVs.

Some basic type portable lifts have a lower weight of 1100 pounds. You can put these lifts under the smaller cars and heavy bikes.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical

The columns of the portable lifts can be adjusted to be suitable for better functioning. The two and four post portable lifts are designed to have symmetrical and asymmetrical columns and arms.

This feature allows different vehicle positioning. With the change of columns and arms positions, the accessibility to the vehicle can be increased.

You can also adjust the orientation to focus on some specific part of the car. This setting is very useful for the targeted maintenance of vehicles. It also provides easy reach to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Hydraulic VS Electric Power

The portable lifts have two major types of power units, one is the Hydraulic and the other one is electric. Generally, the heavier and bigger machines are powered by the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic pump is run by an electric motor. Hydraulic oil is used to raise and lower the lifting mechanism. Both power supplies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is primarily selected on the basis of need and availability. The electric run lifts are smaller ones and can be easily moved.

Safety Features

Safety protection is the most important factor to consider while purchasing a suitable portable lift for your vehicle. It prevents the vehicle from tripping or falling.

Auto lock mechanism secures the vehicle safely and avoids falling. Some lifts have dual safety locks, this further enhances the safety of the vehicles and lifts.

Multiple lock positioning is another very good safety protection. It permits repairs to repair of the vehicle at different heights. Relieve is also provided with some power units to avoid overheating unit.

Maximum Lifting Height

The lifting height of the portable lift provides better working clearance under the vehicle. The lifting height of each lifting mechanism is different from the other.

It can also be adjusted to lock the height of the lift as per your requirement. Servicing and maintenance become easier on an adequately lifted vehicle. You can use this feature as well to select a suitable lift for your needs.


The home garage lifts are often needed to be moved from one place to another place. The heavier lifts are fitted with the caster wheel kits.

The caster wheels are made of either plastic or steel. These allow you to conveniently move the lift from bay to bay. The portable lifts powered electric motors are provided with a motor cart.

The cart also has a handle to easily move the lift around. The transportation and mobility allow you to fix the lifting mechanism at a place of requirement.

Ease of Operation

The portable lifts are provided with the operation manuals. You must select a unit that is easy to operate and set up. It should clearly provide instructions on how to fix the lift under the vehicle, how to apply the safety lock, and how to disengage the safety lock to release the vehicle.

It should also be easier to raise and lower the lift for serving/maintenance of the vehicle. You should also be able to adjust the height of the lift and drop it when no more is needed.


The heavier lifts for the home garage need permanent installation for better performance and functioning. You must check the floor surface of your garage for suitability to easily install the lifting mechanism in the garage.

Necessary bolts and hardware should also be arranged before starting the work. It is better to hire a professional to correctly install the unit.

Proper installation instructions are generally provided with each heavy duty portable lift.

The Final word

The portable lifts allow you to convert your home garage into an effective workshop. The servicing and maintenance of the cars become easier with these lifting machines.

The cars can also be stored on these lifts for a longer period of time. These are space efficient as well and allow parking of two vehicles in the same place, one at the plate form of lift while another one under it.

I have reviewed and discussed 7 best rated portable car lifts. These lifts have different designs and load bearing capacities. Multiple safety protections are also provided with these lifting mechanisms. This product review is useful for multiple users.

A comprehensive buying guide is added at the end of the article. This will help you to narrow down your product list regarding the purchase of a portable lift.

We are pretty hopeful that you will find our review useful and will end your search by finalizing a suitable portable car lift for home garage needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about the portable lifts are summarized below for your understanding.

What is the Best Portable Car Lift for Home Garages?

Here is my list of top rated lifts for your garage;

  1. APlusLift Portable Car Lift for Home Garage
  2. BendPak Mid Rise Portable Car Lift
  3. Triumph Car Lifts for Residential Garages
  4. Dannmar SX-6/XL Portable mid Rise Lift
  5. APlusLift 2 Post Car Lifts for Home Garage
  6. VivoHome Scissor Type Lift Jack
  7. Ranger BL-7000 SLX Portable Car Lifting System

What is the basic function of the portable lift in the home garage?

A portable lift performs two basic functions in the home garage. It is used to raise the vehicle for easy servicing and maintenance. Secondly, these lifts are used to store the vehicles. For the owners of multiple cars, a portable lift allows two cars to be stored in one space. Thus these are space efficient as well.

How is the heavy duty lift installed in the garage?

The heavy duty lifts are required to be installed permanently on the floor surface of the garage. This provides better performance. A properly installed unit will remain stable and balanced and will not allow the vehicle to trip or collapse.

How much height of the garage is required to fix the portable lift?

The maximum lifting height of the portable lift determines the floor to ceiling distance of the lift. It is better to check the full height of the lift then measure the floor to ceiling distance. After this, it is easier to determine the height of the lift. Generally, small lifts require 9-10 feet of surface to ceiling distance while the 12-14 feet is enough for the heavy duty lifts.

What is the difference between two post and four portable lifts?

The basic difference between the two post and four post lifts is, the two post lifts have 2 arms while the four post lifts have 4 arms or columns. The load bearing capacity of the four post lifts is also higher than the two post lifts.

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