Small Waste Oil Burning Heater for Garage 

If your enterprise generates waste oil, you understand how much of a headache it is able to be to have it hauled off. Fallacious disposal or garage of waste oil can purpose intense damage to human health as well as the surrounding area or environment. The good news is, burning waste oil will have an extended list of advantages on your commercial enterprise. A waste oil burning heater takes something that is essentially useless—used oil—and turns it into something useful free heat for your business.

Recycling used oil prevents harm and contamination to air, soil, and water due to mistaken disposal or leaks. Embracing eco-friendly electricity sources like waste oil heaters is a fantastic way to defend the planet for upcoming generations. So, the waste oil burning heater is an eco-friendly and useful product for the welfare of society.

In this article, we have collected up to five Best Small Waste oil-burning heaters for garage products against your research, we hope this may help you find and choose the best Small Waste Oil Burning Heater for your garage.


5 Best Small Waste Oil Burning Heater for Garage

  1. Streamline Industrial Waste Oil Heater (

Salient features

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 Gallons
  • Consumption Rate: 4/5 of a gallon of waste or new oil or fluid per hour
  • Feed Method: Drip
  • Power Source: 115V
  • Ignition Type: Manual
  • Fuel Pump Motor: 3.8 Amp
  • Exhaust Pipe Required: 6″
  • Flue Size: 6″

Streamline Industrial Waste Oil Heater It is made for commercial areas like garages, workshops, car shops, and so forth. The most important advantage might be the fact that it’s far very easy to keep so you don’t have a great deal of work around it once you set it up. Streamline heater works with different waste oils. Some of the officially approved types are motor oils (both new and used), hydraulic fluid, kerosene, transmission fluid, and even vegetable oils. So, whatever is most convenient for you. You can fill the tank with 15 gallons of oil and keep your workspace heated up.

This is very efficient at commercial places and reliable for workspace. You can consider this one as your garage waste oil burning heater. This product is very durable as it is made up of metallic material which is very hard and tough. This Small waste oil burning heater comes up with a very easy cleaning mechanism. It contains chamber door hinges to provide handy access to the vaporizer pan for easy cleaning.


  • Fully enclosed design
  • Easy to clean
  • You can burn many types of waste oils using it
  • Suits best at commercial workplaces
  • 15 gallons huge fuel tank capacity


  • Not portable, heavyweight
  1. High-Efficiency Oil Burner Beckett Genisys 7505B-1500 Control (

Salient features

  • Power Supply: 120 V./60Hz. /1 phase
  • Brand: Beckett AFG Oil Burner w/ Genisys 7505B-1500 Control
  • Material: Metal

The Beckett Genisys 7505B-1500 Control is a 120 VAC primary safety control for residential and light commercial oil burners used in boiler, furnace, and water heater applications. This is used with a suitable cad cell flame sensor to control the oil burner motor, igniter, and optional solenoid valve. It has 24 VAC thermostat terminals compatible with both mechanical and many power stealing thermostats. It can provide interrupted or intermittent duty ignition, and it has a 15 second lockout time. Beckett burner is very efficient and reliable for workshop garages and in other commercial areas. It is very durable and tough because of its metallic body.

The frequency of the Beckett burner is 60hz and with a non-condensing and non-crystallizing nature.


  • Water-Resistant
  • Limited reset and limited recycle
  • Very reliable and durable
  • Sleek, modern design


  • Very expensive
  • Heavy in weight

3.Weil-McLain WGO Gold Series Cast Iron Oil Burner (

Salient features

  • Batteries required: No
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Brand: Weil-McLain

Weil-McLain WGO Gold Series Cast Iron Oil Burner or boiler line provides you with innovative features to help make installation and servicing easier than ever. Designed for superior heating comfort and long-term efficiency, they feature precision engineering, durable components, and proven performance. Three different oil-fired boiler series are available in a variety of models. It is Designed for Commercial Applications – Ideal for commercial garages, fleet maintenance facilities, and other commercial facilities. This burner is very easy to maintain and operate. Burn the Oils and Fluids that are Used or New like Motor Oil, Vegetable Oil Transmission Fluid, Hydraulic Fluid, and Kerosene.

This machine is one of the best burners for garage waste oils and is very tough, reliable, and convenient in use. Streamline Industrial Waste Oil Heater is fully enclosed to reduce noise.


  • Works with a variety of oils
  • Easy to use
  • Easy unit to maintain
  • Reliability promising


  • Might need some extra help to install
  • Expensive model

4.Burnham MST MegaSteam Waste Oil Burner (

Silent features

  • Type: Chimney vented
  • Use: For steam applications only
  • Special feature: Unique 3-pass heat exchanger for exceptional efficiency and steam quality

If you are looking for an oil-fired burner for steam software, you might bear Burnham MST MegaSteam Waste Oil Burner in mind this unit. Offering a three-level warmness exchangers era this is generally now not used on many waste oil burners, this unit can provide smooth free warmth at some stage in the day. This unit is chimney-vented, because of this that all the waste and pollution might be dispatched outdoor your property. But, because of the variety of filters, most toxins are pulled out from the oil and captured within the unit’s filters – which means that this oil burner is friendly with the surroundings. Those waste oil heaters provide a robust guarantee policy, relying on the issue.

Burnham MST MegaSteam Waste Oil Burner is very hard and tough which means it is very durable and reliable for you. You have a ten-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 5 years for waterside corrosion. So, you’re included in most instances.


  • Strong warranty policy of Ten years
  • Very Efficient in delivering heat
  • Free heat exchangers technology
  • It is very easy to maintain


  • Very Heavy unit
  • Expensive
  • Only applicable for steam heat

5.Crown Boiler – FWZ080BOLT1SSU (

Salient features

  • Brand: ‎ Crown Boiler
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Multicolor

Crown Boiler Oil-fired whole-house hot water and steam boilers are used as a primary source of heat for homes. They use oil as a fuel source to produce hot water or steam for heating. This unit is also best for your garage to burn waste oil and is very efficient in working. It is more durable and tough so it can bear any harsh conditions. This waste oil burner has a tank-less coil with an efficiency of 84%. It also operates at a maximum of 50 psi, which means it works with pretty plenty any air compressor for DIY work. This waste oil burner works similar to any other waste oil heater, from transmission fluid to any other new or used oil kind.

So, if you run a corporation that goes via pretty a piece of oil, this waste oil heating unit needs to help you make the maximum of it.



  • It has strong burning power
  • Lesser coil than most clean burn waste oil furnaces
  • It goes through a variety of fluids


  • The burner has to be ordered separately
  • Expensive than others

Buying Guide for Best Small Waste Oil Burning Heater for Garage

Small Waste oil heaters are very convenient to have around the garage, particularly when you go through a lot of new oil daily. In addition, it gives you clean low-priced heat to keep your garage environment warm. People use these products at a different commercial level according to their needs. You should always choose the small convenient durable and less expensive unit which fulfills your need.

So, before you purchase a Waste oil Burning Heater there are a few tips you should consider to make sure you obtain the correct one for your garage.


The size of the waste oil burner should not be much. Try to choose a lightweight unit that might not cover too much space in your garage. If the unit is too much large you are not able to move it or fix it on your own.

Color and shape

In the case of color, It is not much imported but I will prefer dull black color which is quite good for this kind of burner. The shape should be according to your workplace.


It should be a more durable burner if you want to use it in the garage no matter how harsh is condition. Always select a rustles burner so you can rely on it in any condition. No matter how harsh the situation is, it should fulfill the owner’s desire.

Easy To Install

You should select the best small waste oil burning heater which is easy to install and adjustable in any place. You should choose that which is portable because if you want to shift the burner to somewhere else so you can easily install it. Installation of burner or heater should not be time-consuming.


You should prefer a long-lasting and durable waste oil burning heater for your garage. It should much durable that if you use it several times a day it should remain the same. Always examine the reviews of the heater you want to purchase to make sure that it will last.


When looking for the best Small Waste Oil Burning Heater for garage the qualities that should be seen are sturdiness, good lock feature, ease to install, age-appropriate, cost-effective, and most importantly, safety. Because the best products should always cater to their purpose – the safety of the garage and produce heat, for this list, each product has different strengths and weaknesses. It all boils down to which product appeals to you the best and which will satisfy your criteria in a retractable garage door fence gate.

Our recommendation for the Best small Waste Oil Burning Heater for Garage is Streamline Industrial Waste Oil Heater you can purchase that one.


Q1: What can I burn in a waste oil heater or burner?

Ans: You can burn used hydraulic oil, used crankcase oil, and used automatic transmission fluid. These types of oils are likely not going to cause any issues with your clean burn waste oil heater.

Q2: What size of garage waste oil heater is perfect?

Ans: Always try to smaller one which may not cover much space of your garage or any workplace.

Q3:  Can I install the small waste oil burning heater without any help?

Ans: Yes, you can if the size is not much bulky.


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